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Battery Enclosures

Buy Wholesale Battery Enclosure for PV Systems

Simply put, a battery enclosure is a box that is designed to protect batteries from potential weather and battery mishaps. It can be designed for indoor or outdoor use, and it may also include room for electronics. In addition to this, battery enclosures also have a variety of specific designs that can fit anyone’s battery needs. Some of the most popular designs for battery enclosures include designs for pole, wall, or ground-mounted systems. 

Why Do You Need a Battery Enclosure?

Your battery bank should be assembled in a dry, well-ventilated space to ensure the safety and longevity of the batteries. And the easiest way to accomplish this task is to assemble your battery bank in a purpose-built battery enclosure. Battery enclosures are designed to protect and keep the batteries clean while, at the same time, also allowing for proper ventilation of gasses emitted by the batteries. 

How to Choose the Right Battery Enclosure for PV Systems? 

The particular type of battery enclosure design is different given the application and requirements of the project. Additionally, the features and functions differ depending on the location and needs of the system.  Generally speaking, all battery enclosures should be vented. This includes VRLA batteries since hydrogen gas could potentially build up in a fault condition (e.g. controller failure). Passive venting should be adequate, and active venting, like a fan, should only be required in rare cases.  To help you even further, here is a guide of qualities to look for when buying a battery enclosure for your PV systems:
  • Enclosure Type: Choose which enclosure type you need: is it front-opening pole mount, top-opening chest-style ground mount, or front-opening UPS-style ground mount?
  • Enclosure Finish: Do you prefer powder-coated or mill-finish? 
  • Voltage: What is your nominal battery voltage? Is it 12 volts or 6 or others?
  • Battery Quantity: How many batteries do you want to use for your system? The size of the enclosure will rely heavily on the number of batteries that you’ll include. 
  • Extra Space for Customer Equipment: Some battery enclosures feature extra mounting locations for side plates or oversized standard backplates for additional customer equipment or power conversion electronics. If you think you’re going to need this extra space, then you better make sure that the enclosures you’re considering have this feature. 

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