• Tommatech
Power Range 435 ~ 455 Wp
region: Germany
features: High efficiency (high output) Low Light Irradiance Monocrystalline Severe Weather Resistant
Model No.

Product Info The minimum quantity order is a 20Ft container.

Tommatech Modules Datasheet PDF, Price, Review, Dimensions, 435W, 440W, 445W, 450W, 455W Solar Panel

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Product Features

  • Exceptional Conversion Efficiency: Ensuring high power output with superior panel efficiency.
  • Self-Cleaning and Anti-Reflection Glass: Coated glass with self-cleaning properties reduces surface dust and enhances light absorption.
  • Remarkable Low Irradiation Performance: Exhibiting outstanding panel performance even in weak light conditions.
  • Outstanding Durability: Capable of withstanding wind loads up to 2400 Pa and snow loads up to 5400 Pa.
  • Positive Power Tolerance: Providing 0~+5Wp positive power tolerance for precise power output.
  • Easy Installation: Simplifying installation processes for user convenience.

Introducing the TT435-455-144PM by Tommatech, an exceptional solar panel that represents cutting-edge technology and efficiency. This photovoltaic module is meticulously engineered to deliver outstanding performance and reliable energy solutions, making it an excellent choice for various solar applications. With a power output ranging from 435 to 455 watts, the TT435-455-144PM is optimized to harness sunlight effectively, catering to both residential and commercial installations.

The TT435-455-144PM features advanced technology and high-quality materials, ensuring high module efficiency and reliable power generation. This solar panel efficiently converts sunlight into clean electricity, reducing dependence on conventional power sources and contributing to a greener environment.

Tommatech prioritizes quality and reliability in the TT435-455-144PM, subjecting each panel to rigorous testing and adhering to industry standards. This commitment to excellence guarantees a long-lasting and dependable energy solution that consistently delivers power over its operational life.

Designed to excel in various weather conditions, the TT435-455-144PM exhibits outstanding performance in both sunny and low-light environments, ensuring reliable power generation throughout the day. Its robust construction and durability allow it to endure the challenges of different climates and environments.

Embrace the potential of solar energy with the TT435-455-144PM by Tommatech and experience the benefits of clean, renewable power. By choosing this advanced solar panel, you not only reduce your carbon footprint but also enjoy energy savings and independence. Invest in the TT435-455-144PM and harness the sun’s energy with efficiency and confidence, powering your life with clean, sustainable electricity.

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