• Twinsel Electronic
Power Range 325 ~ 340 Wp
region: China
features: Bifacial Half Cell (half cut) Low Light Irradiance Low PID Lower Temperature Coefficient Monocrystalline Multi-bus bar PERC Severe Weather Resistant
Model No.

Product Info The minimum quantity order is a 20Ft container.

Twinsel Electronic Modules Datasheet PDF, Price, Review, Dimensions, 325W, 330W, 335W, 340W Solar Panel

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Product Features

  • Global, Tier 1 Bankable Brand: The SYM120-6-325BMDG-340BMDG solar panel is manufactured by a globally recognized and trusted brand, ensuring reliability and quality.
  • Lowest Thermal Coefficient of Power: This solar panel boasts an industry-leading low thermal coefficient of power, minimizing power losses due to temperature changes.
  • 12 Years Product Warranty: With an industry-leading 12-year product warranty, this solar panel offers long-term protection and peace of mind.
  • Excellent Low Irradiance Performance: The panel demonstrates excellent performance even in low light conditions, maximizing energy generation throughout the day.
  • PID Resistance: The SYM120-6-325BMDG-340BMDG panel exhibits excellent resistance to Potential Induced Degradation, maintaining its power output over time.
  • Tight Power Tolerance: The panel maintains a positive and tight power tolerance, ensuring consistent and reliable performance.
  • Dual Stage 100% EL Inspection: Each panel undergoes a rigorous dual-stage 100% Electroluminescence (EL) inspection to guarantee a defect-free product.
  • Module Imp Binning: The panel’s module Imp binning technique significantly reduces string mismatch losses, optimizing system performance.
  • Warranted Reliability and Stringent Quality Assurances: The panel offers warranted reliability and undergoes stringent quality assurances beyond industry certifications.
  • Certified to Withstand Severe Environmental Conditions: This solar panel is certified to withstand challenging environmental conditions, including salt mist, ammonia, and blown sand, making it suitable for seaside, farm, and desert environments.
  • Anti-Reflective & Anti-Soiling Surface: The panel’s anti-reflective and anti-soiling surface minimizes power loss caused by dirt and dust accumulation.
  • Excellent Mechanical Load and Snow Load Resistance: With a mechanical load resistance of 2400Pa and snow load resistance of 5400Pa, the panel is built to withstand severe weather conditions.

The SYM120-6-325BMDG-340BMDG solar panel by Twinsel is a high-quality and reliable product designed to meet your energy needs. As a Tier 1 bankable brand with state-of-the-art automated manufacturing, Twinsel ensures top-notch quality and performance. This solar panel offers industry-leading features and benefits, including the lowest thermal coefficient of power, providing maximum efficiency even in varying temperatures. With a 12-year product warranty, you can have peace of mind knowing your investment is protected. The panel exhibits excellent performance in low light conditions and is resistant to Potential Induced Degradation (PID). It maintains a tight power tolerance, guaranteeing consistent and reliable power output. The dual-stage 100% Electroluminescence (EL) inspection ensures a defect-free product, while module Imp binning reduces string mismatch losses.

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