SunPower 335W, 340W, 345W, 350W, 355W Solar Modules Prices, Reviews, Dimensions

power range: 335 ~ 355 Wp
region: United States
features: BNEF Tier 1 Polycrystalline

Product Info The minimum quantity order is a 20Ft container.

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  • Increased Energy Production
    The Performance Series modules’ linear shading response enables true-tracking in single-axis tracking systems, generating more energy than conventional systems that require backtracking.
  • Higher Efficiency
    The Performance Series design minimizes white space between solar cells, eliminates reflective metal lines on the cells, and lowers electrical resistance between cells, increasing efficiency compared to Conventional Commercial Panels.
  • Optimized for the Oasis Power Plant
    From the mounting hardware, to the electrical design within the panel, to the connectors and the 1500 V rating, everything is designed as an integral part of the Oasis Power Plant.
  • High Reliability
    Innovative panel design uses flexible and redundant electrical connections between solar cells to deliver enhanced reliability.
  • SunPower Quality
    Tested to SunPower’s rigorous quality standards, and backed by the industry’s best Combined Power and Product Warranty.