• Solarland
Power Range 180 ~ 180 Wp
region: United States
features: Hail Resistant High efficiency (high output) Monocrystalline PERC Severe Weather Resistant
Model No.

Product Info The minimum quantity order is a 20Ft container.

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Product Features

  • Power output: 180 watts
  • Advanced solar cell technology for efficient energy conversion
  • Stringent testing and quality control for reliability
  • Sturdy construction for durability in diverse environmental conditions
  • Suitable for various applications, both residential and commercial
  • User-friendly and adaptable installation process
  • Eco-conscious manufacturing practices for sustainability.

Introducing the SLP180S-12 by Solarland, an exceptional solar panel that embodies efficiency, reliability, and durability. Designed to meet the demands of renewable energy solutions, this photovoltaic module offers a power output of 180 watts, making it a versatile and high-performing choice for various applications.

The SLP180S-12 is equipped with advanced solar cell technology, ensuring optimal sunlight absorption and enhanced energy conversion efficiency. This cutting-edge technology maximizes the panel’s power generation potential, making it a reliable and efficient source of clean energy.

Solarland prioritizes product quality and performance, subjecting the SLP180S-12 to rigorous testing and quality control measures. The result is a solar panel built to withstand diverse environmental conditions, ensuring consistent energy production over its extended lifespan.

The SLP180S-12 features a sturdy construction, providing durability and reliability for various applications. It is engineered to withstand challenging weather conditions, making it suitable for both residential and commercial installations.

Designed with ease of installation in mind, the SLP180S-12 is user-friendly and adaptable. Its versatility allows it to seamlessly integrate into various mounting systems, providing convenience for both installers and end-users.

Embracing sustainability, Solarland incorporates eco-conscious practices in the manufacturing of the SLP180S-12, reducing its environmental impact and promoting a cleaner, greener future. By choosing this solar panel, you are contributing to the global shift towards renewable energy and reducing your carbon footprint.

Experience the power of solar energy with the SLP180S-12 by Solarland. Unleash the potential of solar power to energize your home or business, providing a reliable and sustainable energy solution for years to come. With its efficiency, reliability, and eco-consciousness, this solar panel is your gateway to a cleaner and more sustainable energy future.

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