SKALA 120-140W

  • Avancis
Power Range 120 ~ 140 Wp
region: Germany
features: BIPV Double Glass Frameless
Model No.

Product Info The minimum quantity order is a 20Ft container.

Avancis Modules Datasheet PDF, Price, Review, Dimensions, 120W, 130W, 140W Solar Panel

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Product Features

  • Frameless glass-glass module
  • Standard version in opaque black color
  • Backrail system eliminates the need for front glass mechanical clamping
  • Ideal for rainscreen ventilated facades
  • Compatible with various facade materials
  • Suitable for both portrait and landscape orientation (subject to regional building regulations)
  • Holds general technical building approval (abZ) from Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik (DIBt)
  • Developed and manufactured in Germany, meeting all relevant certifications
  • Available in multiple colors and lengths.

The SKALA 120-140W, crafted by Avancis, is a cutting-edge solar panel that showcases technological excellence and environmental responsibility. With power outputs ranging from 120W to 140W, it offers an efficient and sustainable energy solution for various applications. This frameless glass-glass module is designed with aesthetics and functionality in mind, seamlessly integrating into different architectural designs.

Avancis has employed advanced thin-film technology in the SKALA 120-140W, ensuring outstanding performance even in low-light conditions. Its high-performance solar cells efficiently convert sunlight into electricity, maximizing energy production throughout the day.

Designed for easy installation, the SKALA 120-140W does not require mechanical clamping on the front glass due to its innovative backrail system, which fits all common facade substructures. This not only simplifies the installation process but also enhances the overall appearance of the solar panels on the building facade.

The SKALA 120-140W is specifically tailored for rainscreen ventilated facades, making it an ideal choice for energy-efficient building designs. Its compatibility with a variety of facade materials allows architects and designers to create visually appealing and sustainable structures.

Avancis takes pride in producing the SKALA 120-140W in Germany, adhering to the highest quality and safety standards. The solar panel holds the general technical building approval (abZ) from Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik (DIBt), ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and providing confidence in its long-term performance.

In summary, Avancis’ SKALA 120-140W is a remarkable thin-film solar panel that combines efficiency, aesthetics, and ease of installation. With its advanced technology, eco-friendly design, and compliance with industry standards, it stands as a reliable and sustainable energy solution, contributing to a greener and more environmentally conscious future.

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