RS6I-M 390-420W

  • Rich Solar Energy
Power Range 390 ~ 420 Wp
region: China
features: Half Cell (half cut) High efficiency (high output) Low Light Irradiance Low PID Monocrystalline Multi-bus bar Severe Weather Resistant
Model No.

Product Info The minimum quantity order is a 20Ft container.

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Product Features

  • High Reliability: The implementation of multi-busbar technology in the RS6I-M HALF-CELL series reduces the risk of reliability issues caused by cell cracks and broken busbars, ensuring long-term performance and durability.
  • Anti-PID Resistance: With outstanding anti-PID (Potential Induced Degradation) performance, these solar panels experience minimal power degradation, resulting in higher energy yield and lower Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE).
  • Durability Against Extreme Conditions: The RS6I-M HALF-CELL series is certified to withstand harsh environmental conditions, including high salt mist and ammonia exposure, ensuring reliable operation in demanding settings.
  • High Efficiency: By utilizing multi-busbar technology, these solar panels minimize internal power loss, leading to a significant improvement in module conversion efficiency and overall power output.
  • Low-Light Performance: Equipped with high-transmittance and anti-reflective 3.2mm tempered glass, the RS6I-M HALF-CELL modules exhibit excellent performance in low-light conditions, maximizing energy production even under reduced sunlight.
  • High Mechanical Strength: Certified to withstand high wind loads of up to 2400Pa and snow loads of up to 5400Pa, the RS6I-M HALF-CELL series demonstrates exceptional mechanical strength, ensuring stable operation in adverse weather conditions.

The RS6I-M HALF-CELL series of solar panels is manufactured using high-efficiency multi-busbar cells, resulting in improved conversion efficiency by minimizing internal power loss. This advanced design also reduces the risk of failure due to cracks or broken busbars, enhancing the overall reliability of the module. Additionally, the integration of half-cell technology enhances the panel’s resistance to hot-spot crises caused by shadow effects. With these innovative features, the RS6I-M HALF-CELL series ensures optimal performance and durability, making it a reliable choice for solar energy systems.

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