IBEX66M-EiGER 665-670

Power Range 665 ~ 670 Wp
region: Switzerland
features: Anti-Crack High efficiency (high output) Low Light Irradiance PERC Severe Weather Resistant
Model No.

Product Info The minimum quantity order is a 20Ft container.

SWISS SOLAR Modules Datasheet PDF, Price, Review, Dimensions, 665W, 670W Solar Panel

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Product Features

  • Guaranteed positive power tolerance (0+5W)
  • Utilizes monolithic PERC cell structure technology with low resistance for a maximum conversion efficiency of up to 21.60%.
  • Reduced resistance between cells for enhanced performance.
  • Minimizes micro-cracks, resulting in higher output power.
  • Performs exceptionally well under low light conditions, including cloudy and rainy days.
  • Boasts an extreme weather rating with a high-tech aluminum alloy frame certified for high snow loads (5400 Pa) and wind loads (2400 Pa).
  • Features a super-strong frame for added durability.
  • Equipped with a double-layer waterproof overflow tank for increased protection.
  • The aluminum frame enhances mechanical load strength by 10%.

Introducing the IBEX66M-EiGER 665-670 by Swiss Solar, a remarkable innovation in the realm of solar technology. This cutting-edge solar panel is designed to exceed expectations and set new standards for renewable energy production. With a positive power tolerance guarantee of 0+5W, you can trust that this panel will consistently deliver the energy you need, even in challenging conditions.

At the heart of its exceptional performance lies the monolithic PERC cell structure technology, which ensures low resistance characteristics and a maximum conversion efficiency of up to 21.60%. Say goodbye to concerns about micro-cracks and hello to higher output power. Whether it’s a cloudy, rainy day or extreme weather conditions, this solar panel shines with high performance. It boasts an extreme weather rating, thanks to its high-tech aluminum alloy frame certified for high snow loads (5400 Pa) and wind loads (2400 Pa). The super-strong frame enhances the mechanical load strength by 10%, ensuring durability and reliability.

Furthermore, the IBEX66M-EiGER 665-670 features an innovative double-layer waterproof overflow tank, adding an extra layer of protection to the panel’s robust design. Swiss Solar’s commitment to excellence and sustainability is evident in every aspect of this product, making it the ideal choice for those looking to invest in a brighter, greener future. Harness the power of the sun with confidence and reliability, choose the IBEX66M-EiGER 665-670 by Swiss Solar, and make a significant stride towards a more sustainable tomorrow.

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