Power Range 430 ~ 450 Wp
region: Switzerland
features: High efficiency (high output) Monocrystalline PERC
Model No.

Product Info The minimum quantity order is a 20Ft container.

SWISS SOLAR Modules Datasheet PDF, Price, Review, Dimensions, 430W, 435W, 440W, 445W, 450W Solar Panel

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Product Features

  • Guaranteed positive power tolerance of 0+5W
  • High performance in low light, including cloudy and rainy days
  • Extreme weather rating with high-tech aluminium alloy frame
  • Certified for high snow (5400 Pa) and wind loads (3800 Pa)
  • Monolithic PERC cell structure technology adopted for maximum conversion efficiency up to 20.37%
  • Reduced resistance between cells results in less micro cracks and higher output power
  • Super strong frame with waterproof double-layered overflow tank
  • Aluminum frame enhances mechanical load strength by 10%

The IBEX 144MHC-COSMOS BLACK 430-450 is a high-performance solar panel produced by Swiss Solar AG, designed to harness the power of the sun and provide reliable, sustainable energy for a range of applications.

Featuring a sleek, black design and a power output ranging from 430 to 450 watts, this solar panel is ideal for residential and commercial installations where maximum energy output and aesthetic appeal are desired. The panel is made up of 144 monocrystalline half-cut cells, which offer high efficiency and durability, ensuring that the panel will continue to perform optimally for years to come.

The IBEX 144MHC-COSMOS BLACK 430-450 solar panel is also highly resistant to harsh weather conditions, with a robust construction that can withstand extreme temperatures, heavy wind loads, and snow loads. This makes it an ideal choice for installations in areas with challenging weather patterns.

In addition, the panel features a high transmission tempered glass front cover and an anti-reflective coating, which allows for maximum light absorption and improved performance even in low light conditions. The panel also has a black anodized aluminum frame that provides structural strength and corrosion resistance.

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