• Hermes Solar
Power Range 300 ~ 300 Wp
region: Bulgaria
features: Low Light Irradiance Monocrystalline
Model No.

Product Info The minimum quantity order is a 20Ft container.

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Product Features

Product Features

  • High Efficiency: The HS-MB1/300 features high-efficiency solar cells that can convert sunlight into electricity with an efficiency of up to 19.1%.
  • Durability: The solar panel is built with high-quality materials that provide durability and can withstand harsh weather conditions, including heavy snow and wind.
  • Low-light Performance: The panel has a low-light performance, which means it can generate electricity even in low-light conditions, such as cloudy days.
  • Easy Installation: The HS-MB1/300 is easy to install and can be installed by a professional or DIY homeowner. It comes with pre-drilled holes, which make it easy to mount and connect.
  • Versatility: The solar panel can be used in various solar applications such as residential, commercial, and off-grid solar systems.
  • Warranty: The product comes with a 25-year warranty, ensuring that the panel will provide reliable performance for many years.
  • Certifications: The HS-MB1/300 has various certifications, including TUV, CE, IEC, and ISO, ensuring its high quality and reliability.
  • Environmental Friendly: The solar panel is an environmentally friendly product that does not emit harmful gases or pollutants, making it an ideal choice for those who are conscious about the environment.

Product Description

The HS-MB1/300 is a solar panel manufactured by Hermes Solar, designed to convert sunlight into electricity. This product is suitable for use in various solar applications such as residential and commercial solar power systems, off-grid solar systems, and other solar power applications.

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