HiMAX5 SP510-530M-72HB

  • Sunpal
Power Range 510 ~ 530 Wp
region: China
features: Half Cell (half cut) High efficiency (high output) Low PID Monocrystalline Multi-bus bar PERC
Model No.

Product Info The minimum quantity order is a 20Ft container.

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Product Features

  • Guaranteed Positive Power Tolerance (0~+5W)
  • Achieves High Module Conversion Efficiency (up to 20.51%)
  • Utilizes Low LID Mono PERC Technology for Slower Power Degradation: <2% in the first year, 0.55% from year 2-25
  • Ensures Solid PID Resistance through Solar Cell Process Optimization and Module BOM Selection
  • Minimizes Resistive Loss with Lower Operating Current
  • Yields Higher Energy with Reduced Operating Temperature
  • Optimized Electrical Design and Lower Operating Current for Decreased Hot Spot Risk

Introducing the HiMAX5 SP510-530M-72HB solar panel by Sunpal Power Co., Ltd., a breakthrough addition to the world of solar energy solutions. These panels represent the pinnacle of efficiency and innovation, catering to diverse energy needs. With power outputs ranging from 510W to 530W, the HiMAX5 SP510-530M-72HB panels harness sunlight to provide a reliable and sustainable source of electricity.

Built upon cutting-edge photovoltaic technology, the HiMAX5 SP510-530M-72HB panels ensure unmatched energy conversion, even in challenging environmental conditions. They incorporate top-tier materials that guarantee exceptional energy generation and longevity, making them an invaluable investment for residential, commercial, and industrial applications.

Sunpal Power Co., Ltd. has seamlessly integrated both efficiency and durability into the HiMAX5 SP510-530M-72HB panels’ design. Crafted with robust materials, these panels are engineered to withstand various weather elements, ensuring unwavering performance throughout their operational lifespan. The sleek design facilitates seamless integration into various installations, from rooftop setups to ground-mounted arrays.

The HiMAX5 SP510-530M-72HB panels boast extraordinary energy efficiency. By minimizing energy losses and maximizing sunlight absorption, these panels deliver higher energy yields, contributing to reduced electricity costs and a diminished carbon footprint.

Moreover, these panels perfectly align with modern sustainability goals. By harnessing solar power, users can substantially lessen their reliance on non-renewable energy sources, making a positive environmental impact. The HiMAX5 SP510-530M-72HB panels reflect Sunpal Power Co., Ltd.’s unwavering commitment to innovation, providing individuals and businesses a chance to embrace cleaner and greener energy solutions.

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