• Hyundai Solar
Power Range ~ 400 Wp
region: South Korea
features: Low LID Low Light Irradiance Low PID Monocrystalline Severe Weather Resistant
Model No.

Product Info The minimum quantity order is a 20Ft container.

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Product Features

  • PERL Technology: Enhances efficiency, particularly in low irradiation conditions, optimizing space for installation.
  • Reliable Warranty: Backed by HYUNDAI’s global reputation and financial strength, offering a dependable 25-year warranty.
  • Anti-LID / PID: Strictly eliminates both LID (Light Induced Degradation) and PID (Potential Induced Degradation) to ensure consistent high yield throughout its lifetime.
  • Corrosion Resistant: Successfully passes rigorous tests under challenging environmental conditions, including exposure to ammonia and salt mist.
  • Mechanical Strength: Features a robust design with tempered glass and a reinforced frame, capable of withstanding harsh weather conditions like heavy snow and strong winds.
  • UL / VDE Test Labs: Hyundai’s R&D center is an accredited test laboratory for both UL and VDE standards, ensuring top-notch product quality and performance.

The HiA-SXXXHI_M3_380_405W from Hyundai Solar is a testament to cutting-edge solar technology that seamlessly merges power and reliability. This exceptional solar solution has been meticulously engineered to capture sunlight with remarkable efficiency, offering a sustainable and environmentally friendly source of energy. What sets it apart is the assurance of a 25-year warranty, supported by Hyundai’s global reputation and financial stability, giving you unwavering confidence in its excellence.

This solar marvel excels even in low irradiation conditions and conquers formidable environmental challenges such as ammonia and salt mist. It is purpose-built to withstand the harshest of weather conditions, from heavy snowfalls to relentless winds, thanks to its tempered glass and reinforced frame. Hyundai’s dedicated Research and Development Center, an accredited laboratory for UL and VDE standards, ensures that it combats issues like Light Induced Degradation (LID) and Potential Induced Degradation (PID), thus guaranteeing a lifetime of consistently high yield.

Embrace the future of sustainable energy with the HiA-SXXXHI_M3_380_405W by Hyundai Solar, where innovation harmoniously converges with steadfast performance, setting a new standard in the world of solar power.

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