GTK 100-180W 36P

Power Range 100 ~ 180 Wp
region: India
features: High efficiency (high output) Low Light Irradiance Polycrystalline Severe Weather Resistant
Model No.

Product Info The minimum quantity order is a 20Ft container.

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Product Features

  • Peak Efficiency: Achieves a remarkable 17.60% conversion efficiency for optimal energy production.
  • Efficiency Assurance: Features a positive power tolerance within the range of 0% to +5% to ensure consistent performance.
  • Compatible Application: Designed for use in solar PV systems adhering to IEC DC 1000V standards.
  • Robust Environmental Resilience: Built to withstand severe conditions, withstanding wind loads of up to 2400 Pascal and snow loads of 5400 Pascal.

Introducing the GTK 100-180W 36P by GREENTEK, a stellar addition to the world of solar energy that promises to elevate your renewable power solutions. These photovoltaic modules are designed with precision and innovation, offering power outputs ranging from 100 to 180 watts to cater to diverse energy needs.

At the heart of the GTK 100-180W 36P lies advanced solar cell technology, meticulously engineered to capture and convert sunlight into clean, sustainable electricity with remarkable efficiency. Whether you’re seeking to power your home, business, or an off-grid project, these panels deliver consistent and reliable performance, even in challenging lighting conditions.

Durability is a core feature of these panels. GREENTEK has crafted them with high-quality materials and a robust construction, ensuring they can withstand the test of time and nature’s elements. These panels are built not only to generate power but also to provide a sound and lasting investment in renewable energy.

What sets the GTK 100-180W 36P apart is its versatility. With flexible installation options, these panels can be seamlessly integrated into various settings, from residential rooftops to commercial installations. This adaptability empowers you to harness solar power in a way that best suits your energy requirements and architectural preferences.

Embrace a sustainable future with the GTK 100-180W 36P by GREENTEK. It combines efficiency, reliability, and durability, not just as a solar panel but as a gateway to a cleaner and more energy-efficient tomorrow. Elevate your energy solutions and make a positive impact on the environment with GREENTEK’s GTK 100-180W 36P.

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