ELNSM6612M/ELNSM6612M/HV 365-385

Power Range 365 ~ 385 Wp
region: Turkey
features: Hail Resistant High efficiency (high output) Low PID Lower Temperature Coefficient Monocrystalline PERC
Model No.

Product Info The minimum quantity order is a 20Ft container.

Elin Solar Modules Datasheet PDF, Price, Review, Dimensions, 365W, 370W, 375W, 380W, 385W Solar Panel

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Product Features

  • Power output tolerance of 0~+5W ensures positive performance range
  • Utilizes innovative Perc Cell Technology for enhanced efficiency
  • Demonstrates robustness against tough environmental factors like sand, salt, and ammonia
  • Improved temperature coefficient minimizes power decrease in high-temperature scenarios
  • Certified for hail resistance, with approved size (d=45mm) and velocity (v=30.7m/s)
  • Remarkable resistance to 96-hour (@85°C/85%) PID test, with potential for higher standards in challenging environments.

Introducing the ELNSM6612M solar panel by Elin Solar – an embodiment of advanced solar technology poised to redefine your energy landscape. This exceptional solar panel is meticulously crafted to harness the sun’s power with unmatched efficiency and reliability. With an unwavering dedication to optimizing energy generation, the ELNSM6612M showcases an extraordinary module conversion efficiency, ensuring that each sunbeam is captured and transformed into a potent source of clean electricity.

Distinguished by its innovative design, the ELNSM6612M incorporates Multi Busbar (MBB) technology, pushing the boundaries of power output with a remarkable maximum of 380W and an impressive efficiency of 20.7%. This technology not only elevates power generation but also contributes to lowering Balance of System (BOS) costs by enabling higher power bin options and compatibility with 1500V system voltage.

Going beyond conventional performance, the ELNSM6612M demonstrates exceptional adaptability. It features a reduced temperature coefficient (-0.35%) and operates at lower temperatures, resulting in consistently higher power generation levels. The integration of half-cell technology enhances its ability to combat shading and occlusion, ensuring optimized energy production even in challenging conditions.

Elin Solar’s relentless commitment to quality shines through the ELNSM6612M. Rigorous in-house testing exceeds certification requirements, covering aspects such as UV, temperature cycling, humidity freeze, and Potential Induced Degradation (PID) resistance, among others. This panel is certified to withstand the most demanding environmental conditions, including wind loads of up to 2400 Pa and snow loads of up to 5400 Pa.

The ELNSM6612M solar panel exemplifies Elin Solar’s dedication to innovation, reliability, and sustainable energy solutions, empowering you to harness the potential of the sun with unparalleled efficiency and confidence.

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