Denim Black White 415W

  • Denim Solar
Power Range 415 ~ 415 Wp
region: Netherlands
features: High efficiency (high output) Low Light Irradiance Monocrystalline Severe Weather Resistant
Model No.

Product Info The minimum quantity order is a 20Ft container.

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Product Features

  • Power output of 415 watts.
  • Stylish black and white design for aesthetic appeal.
  • Utilizes advanced manufacturing technology for precision and quality.
  • Rigorous quality control with 100% EL inspection to ensure defect-free panels.
  • Advanced anti-reflective glass for improved light absorption and self-cleaning functionality.
  • Excellent performance in low-light conditions.
  • Impressive mechanical load resistance for durability.
  • High resistance to environmental stressors, ensuring reliability in various regions and applications.
  • Positive power tolerance within the range of 0 to +5 watts, maximizing energy generation.

Introducing the Denim Black White 415W solar panel by Denim Solar, a stylish and high-performance addition to our solar product lineup. With a power output of 415 watts, this photovoltaic module combines aesthetics with efficiency, making it an ideal choice for residential and commercial solar installations.

Denim Solar places a strong emphasis on advanced manufacturing technology, ensuring top-notch quality control and precision throughout the production process. Each Denim Black White 415W panel undergoes meticulous testing, including a 100% EL inspection, to guarantee that every module is free from defects, providing you with confidence in your solar investment.

These panels feature a distinctive black and white design that not only enhances their visual appeal but also incorporates advanced anti-reflective glass, maximizing light absorption and offering a self-cleaning function. This innovative feature effectively reduces power loss due to dust and dirt accumulation, ensuring peak performance even in challenging environmental conditions.

The Denim Black White 415W panels excel in low-light irradiance environments, showcasing their reliability and adaptability. Furthermore, they exhibit impressive mechanical load resistance, certified to withstand high wind loads, ensuring long-lasting durability and dependability.

With a high resistance to environmental stressors, these panels are designed to perform exceptionally well in various regions and applications. Additionally, they offer a positive power tolerance within the range of 0 to +5 watts, ensuring that you harness every available watt of energy. Choose Denim Solar’s Denim Black White 415W solar panels for a sustainable and visually appealing energy source, where innovative technology meets style and eco-consciousness for a brighter and greener future.

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