BEM-330 White Silver (EN)

Power Range 330 ~ 330 Wp
region: Poland
features: Hail Resistant Monocrystalline Multi-bus bar Severe Weather Resistant
Model No.

Product Info The minimum quantity order is a 20Ft container.

Bruk-Bet Solar Modules Datasheet PDF, Price, Review, Dimensions, 330W Solar Panel

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Product Features

Product Features

  • The product comes with a 12-year warranty.
  • The linear performance of the product is guaranteed for 25 years.
  • The product undergoes a 100% electroluminescence inspection.
  • The product has a positive power tolerance.
  • The product has an anti-reflective coating and can withstand snow loads.
  • The product has extreme hail endurance, with the ability to withstand hail with a pressure of 8100 Pa.
  • The product can withstand wind loads of up to 5400 Pa.

Product Description

The BEM-330 White Silver (EN) Monocrystalline 5BB solar panel is a high-quality product manufactured by Bruk-Bet Solar. This monocrystalline solar panel has a maximum power output of 330 Wp (Watt peak) and an efficiency rate of up to 19.31%, meaning it can convert up to 19.31% of the sunlight that hits it into usable electricity.

The panel has a robust aluminum frame and tempered glass that is resistant to weather, UV, and fire. It can withstand a snow load of up to 5400 Pa and a wind load of up to 2400 Pa. The BEM-330 solar panel also has a positive power tolerance of 0/+5 Wp, which means that the actual power output may exceed the stated power output by up to 5 Wp.

In terms of dimensions, the BEM-330 solar panel measures 1690 x 1002 x 35mm and weighs 19.5 kg. The product comes with a 12-year product warranty and a 25-year linear performance warranty.

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