BackContact 150W-12V

  • Uniteck
Power Range 150 ~ 150 Wp
region: France
features: Anti-Hotspot High efficiency (high output) Low Light Irradiance Lower Temperature Coefficient Monocrystalline Transparent
Model No.

Product Info The minimum quantity order is a 20Ft container.

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Product Features

  • Unisun: High-performance monocrystalline panel range for leisure applications (boating and motorhomes), off-grid sites, and signage.
  • Multilayer structure ensures exceptional performance even in low sunlight or high temperatures.
  • Tempered high-transparency glass surface and anodized aluminum frame provide protection against external risks (impact, oxidation, corrosion).
  • Modular for increased power: Simple series or parallel panel connection thanks to quick solar connectors.
  • Unisun range available with standard monocrystalline cells and back contact monocrystalline cells. UNISUN Back Contact utilizes the entire cell surface to capture sunlight energy.
  • Back Contact panels offer greater compactness due to higher efficiency (power/surface ratio), making them ideal for size or weight-restricted applications.
  • Standard monocrystalline panels from 50W benefit from the premium “Black Backsheet” design for enhanced aesthetics and sophistication.
  • High-performance cells with excellent impact and weight resistance (3.2mm tempered glass + aluminum frame).
  • Waterproof junction box certified by TÜV with protection against hotspots.
  • Excellent performance in low light conditions.

Introducing the BackContact 150W-12V, an exceptional solar panel offered by Uniteck. This product represents the forefront of solar technology and is designed to provide efficient and reliable power solutions.

The BackContact 150W-12V panel stands out for its high-performance monocrystalline cells with back contact design. This innovative technology allows the cells to utilize their entire surface area for capturing sunlight energy, resulting in increased efficiency and power output.

With a power rating of 150W and operating at 12V, this panel delivers reliable power for a variety of applications. It is particularly well-suited for off-grid and 12V systems, including recreational vehicles, boats, and remote locations where a self-sustaining power source is essential.

The BackContact 150W-12V panel offers excellent resistance to impacts and weight, thanks to its robust construction featuring 3.2mm tempered glass and an aluminum frame. This ensures durability and long-term performance even in challenging environmental conditions.

Featuring a waterproof junction box certified by TÜV, the panel offers enhanced safety and protection against hotspots. The junction box is designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and ensure reliable operation throughout its lifespan.

The BackContact 150W-12V panel excels in low light conditions, providing reliable power generation even in less sunny environments. This makes it a dependable energy solution in areas with fluctuating sunlight levels or during cloudy weather.

Uniteck’s commitment to quality and innovation is reflected in the BackContact 150W-12V panel. It undergoes stringent quality control measures and complies with industry standards, ensuring exceptional performance and reliability.

In conclusion, the BackContact 150W-12V by Uniteck is a high-quality solar panel that combines advanced technology, efficiency, and durability. It provides a reliable and sustainable solution for harnessing solar energy in off-grid and 12V systems, offering versatility and dependability in various applications.

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