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power range | Model No. 155 ~ 175 Wp
region: United States
features: Polycrystalline
Model No.

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The PW1650 is made of 8 x 9 high efficiency (up to 15%) 5 inch polycrystalline silicon solar cells (125,50 mm X 125,50 mm), with a silicon nitride anti-reflective coating.

The PW1650 module uses Photowatt’s multicrystalline technology. The solar cells are individually characterized and electronically matched prior to interconnection. Encapsulation beneath high transmission tempered glass is accomplished using an advanced, UV resistant thermal setting plastic. The encapsulant, ethylene vinyl acetate, cushions the solar cells within the laminate and protect the cells from etching. The rear surface of the module is completely sealed from moisture and mechanical damage by a continuous high strengh polymer sheet.

Key Features:

  • Grid connected system
  • Water pumping
  • Telecommunications
  • Battery charging system
  • Cathodic protection system
  • Building integrated power system