AP156M10H (560Watt – 602Watt)

Power Range 580 ~ 605 Wp
region: Vietnam
features: BNEF Tier 1 Hail Resistant High efficiency (high output) High Power(High wattage) Low PID Monocrystalline Severe Weather Resistant
Model No.

Product Info The minimum quantity order is a 20Ft container.

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Product Features

• High-efficiency solar cells ensure maximum power output and performance
• PID-free technology for enhanced reliability and longevity
• Front surface features high-transmission (over 95%) 3.2mm tempered glass
• Back surface utilizes TPT or KPF materials
• Encapsulation with EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) for protection and durability
• Sturdy aluminum frame with screw-less corner joints and ten predrilled mounting holes for easy installation
• Superior multi-function junction box with waterproof capabilities
• Less than 10% power decrease within 10 years and 20% decrease within 25 years
• Tolerance range of 0~+2% for accurate power output
• High impact resistance for superior performance in severe weather conditions
• Moisture-proof and corrosion-resistant properties for longevity
• Versatile applications in grid net, home power systems, telecommunications, illumination, and transportation industries.

Introducing the AP156M10H (560Watt – 602Watt) solar panel by Allesun, a high-performance and efficient solution for harnessing solar energy. Designed with advanced technology and superior craftsmanship, this solar panel offers exceptional power output and durability for residential and commercial applications.

The AP156M10H solar panel boasts an impressive power output ranging from 560 to 602 watts, ensuring abundant electricity generation to meet your energy needs. With its high-efficiency photovoltaic cells, it maximizes the conversion of sunlight into clean and renewable energy. By harnessing solar power, you can reduce your carbon footprint and make a positive impact on the environment.

Built with durability in mind, the AP156M10H solar panel features a robust construction using high-quality materials. It can withstand various weather conditions, including high winds, heavy snow loads, and extreme temperatures. This ensures long-lasting performance and peace of mind, even in challenging environments.

Allesun places a strong emphasis on quality and performance, and the AP156M10H solar panel undergoes rigorous testing and adheres to strict quality control measures. It is designed to deliver optimal efficiency and reliability, ensuring consistent and superior performance. By choosing this solar panel, you can trust in its long-term performance and enjoy the benefits of clean and sustainable energy.

Installation is made easier with the AP156M10H solar panel. It is designed with user-friendly features and compatibility with various mounting systems, simplifying the installation process. This saves time and effort, allowing for a hassle-free setup of your solar energy system.

Embrace the power of solar energy with the AP156M10H (560Watt – 602Watt) solar panel by Allesun. Reduce your environmental impact, lower your electricity bills, and enjoy the benefits of sustainable electricity generation. With Allesun’s commitment to quality and innovation, you can rely on the performance and durability of their solar panels. Invest in the AP156M10H solar panel for efficient and sustainable energy generation.

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