A-255-265M (TYCO 3.2)

  • Atersa
Power Range 255 ~ 265 Wp
region: Spain
features: Anti-Hotspot Monocrystalline
Model No.

Product Info The minimum quantity order is a 20Ft container.

Atersa Modules Datasheet PDF, Price, Review, Dimensions, 255W, 260W, 265W Solar Panel

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Product Features

  • UltraPositive Tolerance: Offers an ultra-positive tolerance of 0 /+5 Wp, ensuring higher power output and performance reliability.
  • UltraQuality Criteria: Meets stringent quality criteria, ensuring superior product performance and durability.
  • Anti Hot-Spot: Incorporates anti hot-spot technology to prevent hot-spot formation, enhancing module safety and reliability.
  • UltraWarranty: Comes with an ultra-warranty, providing a 10-year product warranty for added peace of mind.
  • UltraReliability: Demonstrates exceptional reliability with a market presence since 1979, reflecting a track record of consistent performance.
  • UltraResistance: Equipped with 3.2 mm tempered glass, ensuring high resistance to environmental factors and improved module longevity.
  • UltraTES: Implements cell-to-cell electrical verification (TES) to ensure proper electrical connections and enhance overall module performance.

The A-255-265M (TYCO 3.2) by Atersa Grupo is an efficient and reliable solar module that offers outstanding performance. With its advanced features and durable construction, this solar panel is designed to meet the demands of residential, commercial, and industrial applications.

The A-255-265M (TYCO 3.2) features a power output range of 255 to 265 watts, ensuring efficient electricity generation capabilities. It utilizes high-quality crystalline solar cells that effectively convert sunlight into usable energy, providing optimal performance even in low-light conditions. The module’s sturdy frame and tempered glass provide excellent protection against environmental factors, ensuring long-term reliability and durability.

Atersa Grupo upholds rigorous quality standards for their solar modules. The A-255-265M (TYCO 3.2) undergoes comprehensive testing and certifications to ensure compliance with international quality and safety standards. The manufacturing processes and facilities adhere to strict quality control measures, ensuring exceptional product reliability.

The A-255-265M (TYCO 3.2) is designed for ease of installation, with a user-friendly configuration that simplifies the mounting process. Its sleek appearance adds to its visual appeal, making it an attractive addition to any installation. The module’s high efficiency and reliable performance contribute to long-term energy savings and a reduced carbon footprint.

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