What is PERC Solar Panel Technology?

PERC Solar Cells Technology is Passivated Emitter and Rear Cell also goes by the term Passivated Emitter and Rear Contact. PERC Solar Cells Technology is a different architecture cell design that scientists used to get the most electrons out of a solar cell which can capture more sunlight that will lead to generating more power. The PERC architecture technology started in 1983 in Australia which made scientists believe that its efficiency can reach 25% which is a breakthrough in solar cell technology compared to all other solar cell types. However, it took till the 2000s to be optimized and used in commercial solar panels. Predicting that by 2026 PERC solar cells will have the highest market share.

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of PERC Solar panel Technology?


  • 1-Energy Production: PERC Solar Panel Technology has a higher efficiency than all the other types which makes them exceed the 20% efficiency & get closer to 25% which is a huge breakthrough for the solar industry.
  • 2-Light & Heat: PERC Solar Panel Technology has the ability to withstand high heat which makes it suitable for all high-temperature areas. On the other hand, it can easily work in low-light conditions.


  • 1-Lifetime: PERC Solar Panel Technology can drop down its efficiency within a three-year period making its lifetime questionable for long-term power-providing projects.
  • 2- Manufacturing Cost: PERC Solar Panel Technology has a higher cost of manufacturing than other solar cell types which makes it harder to spread in the market.

What are the use cases of PERC Solar Panel Technology?

  • 1-Small areas: PERC Solar Panel Technology is used in areas that have very limited space to install solar panels PERC Solar Panel Technology provides better energy output in a smaller space than all other types of solar panels in the market.
  • 2- Low Light Areas: PERC Solar Panel Technology can work with impressive output in places that lack huge amounts of strong sunlight making it a problem solver for all of the areas that have this situation.