Multi-bus bar

What are MBB (Multi-Bus Bar) Solar Panels?

Multi-busbars (MBB) Solar cells work on reducing resistive losses by reducing the amount of current that flows in thin silver lines and busbars. The more busbars are printed on a wafer makes the busbars & fingers thinner leading to fewer current flows per busbar reducing the resistive losses. The MBB approach allows both busbars and fingers to be smaller in size and causes a reduction in the sliver weight used which is one of the most expensive materials on earth, and is used in solar cell manufacturing. The MBB approach has the potential to reduce silver usage by up to 50%-80%. Moreover, less silver on the front in turn reduces finger shading as well.

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of MBB (Multi-Bus Bar) Solar Panels?


  • 1-Cost: MBB (Multi-Bus Bar) Solar Panels have a lower price as they use less sliver of around 50% up to 80% making them cheaper than other types of solar panels.
  • 2-resistive Loss: MBB (Multi-Bus Bar) Solar Panels have much lower resistive power loss in their modules due to the use of the MBB approach on the solar cell wafer.


  • 1-Connecting Soldering: MBB (Multi-Bus Bar) Solar Panels use more soldering of the multiple busbars making it vulnerable to being defected while the manufacturing process takes place.
  • 2- Cell Manufacturing: MBB (Multi-Bus Bar) Solar Panels cells have a very complicated wafer printed leading to the need for high technology equipment to produce such a solar cell.

What are the use cases of MBB (Multi-Bus Bar) Solar Panels?

  • 1-Rooftops: MBB (Multi-Bus Bar) Solar Panels are installed on house rooftops, factories & warehouses that have to require more power output than traditional solar panels which is an advantage because they can output more power in the same area while other types of solar panels can’t achieve that.
  • 2- Off-Grid Solar Power Plants: MBB (Multi-Bus Bar) Solar Panels are used in off-grid solar power plants as they provide more power than traditional solar panels which makes them very suitable for such applications that need to store as much energy as possible to be used at different times of the day.