What is Light Induced Degradation (LID) in Solar Panels?

Light Induced Degradation (LID) is a loss of performances arising in the early first hours of solar panels getting exposed to the sun with solar Crystalline modules It affects the real performance other than the tested by the PV manufacturers making a difference in the printed label at STC conditions & the real output numbers. when the modules are categorized according to their final factory flash test for determining their Nominal Power class, the LID will indeed represent a loss with respect to STC. The LID loss is related to the quality of the wafer manufacturing, and may be in the range of 1% to 3%. It is due to traces of Oxygen included in the molten Silicon during the Czochralski process. Under the light exposition effect, these positive-charged O2 dimers may diffuse across the silicon lattice, and create complexes with boron dopant acceptors. The boron-oxygen complexes create their separate layer of energy in the silicon structure which loss of power.

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What are the causes of LID in Solar Panels?

  • 1-Initial sunlight: LID takes place in the very early hours of sunlight making the solar panels efficiency effected due to this initial exposure. This can differ from a place to another because some places have a longer initial hours of sunlight which will affect the solar panels further. However, other places have a much shorter period of initial sunlight lowering the effect of LID in this case.

How to Achieve Low LID in Solar Panels?

  • 1-Factory testing: Low LID in Solar Panels is achieve by the early testing of solar panels in the factory to ensure that LID doesn’t pass a certain level to be able to perform as writing on the back sheet for its lifetime ensuring no accelerated degradation.
  • 2- Hydrogenation: in 2017 group of scientists have reached that using hydrogen with solar cells can achieve Low LID levels. This is all because hydrogen can have zero electrons which is known as hydrogen positive ion & can have two electrons which is a hydrogen negative ion eliminating most of the reactions cause by LID.