What are Frameless Solar Panels?

Frameless Solar Panels are solar panels that don’t have any aluminum frame surrounding their glass from all sides which gives it a look of a sheet of glass. Frameless Solar Panels have two sheets of glass to support their solar cells one on the top like every other type of solar panel & another one at the back of the panel to support it well. Moreover, frameless solar panels became very popular and have been increasing in market share year by year. This panel was introduced at the same time as BIPV solar panels in the early 1990s making both technologies emerge since then.

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of Frameless Solar Panels?


  • 1-Reduced Degradation: Frameless Solar Panels have no aluminum frame which helps Frameless Solar Panels have less degradation that could increase their lifetime to 30 years or even more in some cases.
  • 2-Installation: Frameless Solar Panels have some pre-drilled holes in the glass to be immediately mounted with screws making the installation of Frameless Solar Panels much easier than other types of solar panels.


  • 1-Manfacturing Cost: Frameless Solar Panels have a relatively high manufacturing cost compared to other types of solar panels making it challenging for market competition.
  • 2- Transportation Cost: Frameless Solar Panels because they are double-sided glass need to be transported very carefully which increases their transportation cost.

What are the use cases of Frameless Solar Panels?

  • 1-Glass rooftop: Frameless Solar Panels can be used to build a roof glass top but instead of just using glass Frameless Solar Panels can be used to build this type of roof and at the same time generate a good amount of energy without changing the design of the building making it a very good option for such application.
  • 2- Lighting poles: Frameless Solar Panels can be used to be integrated on top of led lights to turn them into solar led lights without changing the design but at the same time eliminate the look of the normal solar led light poles which have proven really good results in the past 3 years.

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