Double Glass

Double glass solar panels (aka. “dual glass”) has two layers of tempered glasses covering on both sides of the solar panel. The benefits of replacing the opaque backsheet is its physical strength. With the increased strength brought by two layers of glass, a lot less deformation will happen in the solar cells, the possibility of microcracks formed on the solar cells will decrease significantly. Hence, double glass solar panels are more durable.

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Double Glass Can Reduce Microcracks

One of the disadvantages of conventional solar panel is that when the snow gets thick or people step on it (during installation), the solar cells will bend significantly, thus causing microcracks on the cells. To solve this problem,

Double Glass Can Also Reduce PID

As summarized by SolarQuotes: "Because glass is non-reactive and two layers does a great job of keeping water out of the panel, double glass panels can reduce, or possibly eliminate, damage caused by Potential Induced Degradation or PID. This is caused by stray electrical currents going where they shouldn’t. It’s worse is humid climates with high temperatures, causes marks that look like snail trails, degrades panel performance, and can eventually cause them to fail." The term Ronald Brakels tried to popularize was “crunchy silicon sandwich” but it didn't take off.