What are BIPV Solar Panels?

BIPV Solar panels are Building integrated solar panels. BIPV solar panels are a type of solar panel that uses a transparent plastic or glass cover to capture sunlight and convert it into electricity. The cover helps to protect the panel from the elements and makes the panel more aesthetically pleasing. Which makes it very suitable for different integration like glass roofs or windows so it can allow some sunlight through but at the same time generate power to the building it is installed on. In the early 1990s, BIPV started to be commercially introduced since then it became a very hard competitor to other types of solar panels.

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of BIPV Solar Panels?


  • 1-Installation: BIPV Solar panels are much easier to be installed as they can be integrated with windows or the building structure.
  • 2-Apperance: BIPV Solar panels have the same look as glass that people can see through them & at the same time the solar cells generate power.
  • 3-Light through: BIPV Solar panels can let sunlight pass through them making it easier to be used for natural lighted places unlike other types of solar panels that can’t pass any light making it dark under the panels.


  • 1-Cost: Half Cell solar panels are more expensive than the other solar panel types. However, that doesn’t affect their market penetration a bit so due to the adoption of large manufacturers of this type of technology.
  • 2-Power Output: BIPV Solar panels produce less power than other solar panels because they are not always faced directly with the sunlight with a fixed angle making them output less than other types.

What are the use cases of BIPV Solar Panels?

  • 1-Rooftops: BIPV Solar panels are installed on sunshades as they can block most of the sunlight coming through which is the main purpose of the sunshades but at the same time keep underneath the sunshade light for people to have a normal sense of the sunlight without getting burned.
  • 2- Solar farms: BIPV Solar panels are installed on windows to allow natural light in & people can see through them but at the same time they can generate power while people are enjoying their daylight.

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