Anti hotspot

What is Hotspot in Solar Panels?

Hotspots are spot of high temperature at the surface of solar panel which is a result of a non-exposed cell to sunlight which makes it instead of generating energy it is consuming energy and becoming a load that with draws current which cause it to overheat and not only this but also affects the power output of all the solar panel module .

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What are the causes of Hotspots in Solar Panels?

  • 1-Shading: Hotspots can be caused by Shadows from buildings or trees making one or more solar cells under shadow which makes them over heat from withdrawing current.
  • 2-Soiling: Hotspots can be caused by dirt or Bird droppings which can cover a part of the solar panel causing a hotspot.
  • 3-Module Damage: If the solar panel module was damaged mechanically this will cause a part of the solar panel have light blockage causing it to turn into a hotspot on the solar panel.
  • 4-Internal Defects: Some solar panels can have internal defects by a weak soldering or broken part of the panel which can cause a hotspot in this area.
  • 5-External factors: Hotspots can occur due to Damages caused by weather conditions such as snow, hail, lightning, extreme heat, or cold temperatures.

How to Anti hotspot (Reduce Hotspot Risk) in Solar Panels?

  • 1-Testing the Location: To achieve Anti hotspot when choosing the location a pilot should be done to determine how often one of the above cause occur to prepare for maintenance before hotspots occur.
  • 2-Regular Maintenance: For Anti hotspot to take place require maintenance should be done regularly to avoid all the types of causes that might occur.
  • 3-Efficiently Designed Panels: Anti hotspot are considerations taken by high-quality panels manufacturers that consider the possibility of shading or soiling and incorporate hotspot control technology such as bypass diodes into their designs. The bypass diodes are used to prevent the occurring of hotspot by allowing another path for current to flow & prevent the current draw from shadowed solar cell.
  • 4-Air Flow: to Anti hotspot in solar panels underneath solar modules should be enough area for air flow underneath to allow keep the solar panel cool.