Will Hollywood be the Green World’s White Knight? 0

Is Hollywood Going Green?

The world’s population is becoming more aware of the serious impact it is having on the environment. Some scientists estimate that many of the world’s resources will be exhausted within this century if people continue on their current path. Statements like this have brought several people over to the environmental side of the aisle, and a greater number of people are starting to live in more environmentally friendly ways every day. Hollywood has led several social movements and calls for change throughout American history, and it turns out they’re doing the same for the ecosystem.


Green Films

Hollywood is one of the few places in the world that has a global reach. Any movie produced has the capability of being seen all over the world. Several movies have changed the way a few people think and live, but there are certain movies that have affected widespread change. For instance, The Thin Blue Line was a documentary based on a man who appeared to be on death row for a murder he didn’t commit. The public outcry after the film led the justice system to retry the case; which ended in the man’s acquittal. Also, Super Size Me was released to show the dangers of fast food, and within six weeks McDonald’s removed its “super sized” option. Hollywood appears to be using its influence to now help the environment.


Hollywood has also released several green movies over the past few years. The Lorax, for instance, tells the story of Ted who is on a mission to find a real tree for his friend and learns how he can make a positive impact on the environment. Another children’s movie, Happy Feet 2 has an environmental message that educates children on the effects of global warming. Also, the movie Avatar is another great example of how the movie industry is encouraging people to be more environmentally conscious by showing the damage that industrialization can have on natural resources. Many people think Hollywood is strictly out to make money, but that’s not the case. There are some directors who get their environmental message out that the world we live in needs to be better cared for, so we all can have a brighter future and a healthier place to live.


Efforts at Less Manufacturing

Hollywood has also been manufacturing fewer DVDs. Movie studios now allow their movies to be rented online; this in turn reduces the need to make and send DVDs out to every rental store in the country. Many movies are also available for purchase on the Internet, and this also allows fans to carry their favorite movies around with them on their mobile devices.


There are a few nuances, however, that studios still need to work out when providing online content. For some reason, every major movie isn’t available for purchase or rental online. What’s even sadder is the fact that most movie rental sites only allow a person to view the movie for one day; even though most rental stores used to allow three day rentals. This obvious flaw is actually contributing to the online piracy of movies.


The movie industry needs to work on its online availability practices. The best evidence of this is the fact that none of the top ten pirated movies of 2011 were released online by their movie studios. Not a single one. Our Orlando criminal defense lawyer states that people who download these movies illegally can face costly fines – people have been arrested and penalized for Internet piracy, but with legal assistance the charges may be downgraded with minimal penalties.


Hollywood has done great things for several important causes throughout history. One of the biggest issues in the world right now is the safety of the environment, and it is promising to see that Hollywood has adopted this as a new cause. Research papers and scientists can preach about global warming all they want, but unfortunately most people don’t hear these lessons. Once Hollywood puts its full force behind the movement, there can be real change.


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