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Preparing for a power outage is a crucial aspect that many people avoid. When faced with a blackout and necessitate a source of electricity to light your home or prepare your meals, you end up frustrated. Luckily, there are smart ways of preparing yourself for an imminent power outage; one of them is installing a backup solar generator. After all, it’s never a good thing to lack electricity. There are countless reasons why solar backup power is a must-have.

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What is a solar-powered generator?

A solar generator is the same as any other electrical generator. It can be used to operate all the electric-powered machines in your home. It uses solar energy for electric power output. Some of the critical components of the solar power generator are:

Solar panel

The solar panel is an integral part of a solar power generator. It’s directly exposed to the sun’s rays and traps and traps rays hence converting them into electricity. Solar panels come in different sizes, and you can get one from marine or online stores.


The solar generator battery is another critical component of a solar unit. The solar generator stores up the energy produced energy in the cells. You can acquire a deep cycle battery of 12-volt lead/acid or a gel battery.

Battery box

A battery box is useful in preventing the cells from being damaged. In case you have small kids at home, it ensures safety since it covers up the electrical terminals.


A solar generator stores the power generated as direct current (DC) in the batteries. To operate appliances in your home, you need to convert the DC into an alternative current (AC), and the inverter accomplishes this role.

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What are the advantages of using a solar-powered generator for battery backup?

1. Affordability

Most people are always concerned about the price when shopping for any product. That’s very normal, especially with the state of the economy today. However, solar generators are relatively cheaper as compared to conventional generators. Though the price tag may be the same upfront, the savings come in the long-run when you never have to worry about fuel costs.

If you calculate our monthly electricity usage, you’ll realize that you end up paying a lot of money each month. However, if you install a solar power generator for your backup, the drainage to your purse will be no more. Besides, most people prefer generators that are less costly and environmentally friendly; this makes solar-powered generators the best choice. 

These generators supply clean emergency backup for unexpected power outages and come at various wattage capacities and prices. More so, these units are priced according to the type or size to suit the need of different individuals. Purchasing a solar power generator is economical if you plan your budget well.

Typically, the cost of a solar power generator ranges from two thousand to ten thousand dollars for large machines for home use. With such a price whether or not practical to your budget, a solar unit still has many long-term benefits. More so, a solar power generator gets power from the sunlight, and this is free and plentiful. This way, it helps you cut on your electricity bills and save your money.

2. Portability

Another reason why you should opt for solar power generators is that they are portable and can provide excellent power output. There are two main types of power generators.  One is the standby which is installed permanently inside or outside a house and buildings. 

The other is the portable which you can carry on trailers, caravans or boats where there’s no utility power supply available. Both types generate up to 100 watts of electricity for household use. Such an amount of power can charge and operate phones, radios, laptops, televisions, and light bulbs.

A portable solar generator is ideal for disasters, especially when you need to evacuate and there’s no power source in the area. Portable units come in different sizes from one that can fit in your suitcase to others that are almost the size of a trailer.

 There are various movable user-friendly designs in the market, like the Yeti 150 (see review on SolarGenerator.guide). The dimension depends on how much you can afford or the amount of backup you require. You can take a yeti solar generator anywhere you need. Therefore, you don’t need to wait for a home emergency to happen to carry it along.

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3. Safety

Gas-powered generators are not always the best when it comes to safety. They are risky to use, especially in closed rooms since they could cause a fire. During operation, you have to be keen on security measures. Solar generators are safer to run and don’t exhaust the fumes as in the case of gasoline generators; making them the best alternatives to power your battery.

4. Installation

The installation process of a solar power generator is simple than most people think. It’s light and quite easy to install. Most units come all put together, and the only thing you’ll be required to do is mount the panels and run the plugs or cords. So, don’t shy away from acquiring one because you think you’re not qualified enough to put it together.

As long as the product you opt for is put together, you can install it all on yourself. You can as well ask for help from the dealer to have someone to assist you. Besides, most regions are now offering rebates for installing solar power in residential homes.

A solar power generator is ideal for remote areas. You can erect it shortly or for long-term operation without worrying about the weather or impact of the environment. Also, you can set it up and leave it to operate for an extended period.

In case any additional power is required, you can increase the output of a solar panel. Since the solar generator is easy to install, this makes excellent choices for camping or in the garage without the need for electrical hookup.

5. Less noise

Loud noise is a significant issue with gas and propane generators. Most of them are so loud when they run. Unlike such systems that can be used to provide an alternative source of power, solar power is pretty much of a quiet process. 

You can harness as much energy from the sun as you want with no noise pollution. If you appreciate peace, you’ll agree that this is one of the best solar power benefits. A solar generator is an excellent choice compared to gasoline generators which emit a lot of noise leading to noise pollution.

6. Reliable fuel supply

Gas generators don’t store electrical energy. They instead convert fuel into electrical energy when you start them up. So, to keep your lights on, you have to resupply them with fossil fuel constantly. By so doing, you spend much on the fuel unlike using a solar-powered generator that uses sun rays. When your fuel supply runs out, you stay without electricity supply.

By using a solar generator, you can be assured of 100% supply since they use the sun, which is renewable, free, and reliable. With a solar power generator, you don’t require to have any moving parts. This way, the risk of breakdowns is minimized. 

More so, such generators don’t use gas or fuel to function but utilize the sunlight to generate. Therefore, you can always use them as long as you have sunshine. There’s as also a backup battery that stores extra energy even when you don’t have sunlight. This way, you will always have electricity in your home even during night time.

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7. Exhaust & Emissions

Almost everyone is “going green” nowadays.” Though some still use fossil fuel generators, a solar-powered unit comes with various benefits to the environment. It’s a renewable source of energy, and it doesn’t produce any hazardous fumes. It uses energy from the sun, which is green and clean and doesn’t require fossil fuel to operate. It helps the environment by conserving the popular fossil fuels like oil and coal. 

More so, it doesn’t emit carbon dioxide or other gases which might be detrimental to the environment. Burning fossil fuel emits toxic gases like carbon monoxide; the reason why you must run a gas generator outside.

Don’t even think of having a fossil-fueled generator in an enclosed place; the noise will be so much and worse still, the carbon monoxide could kill you. Therefore, you need not worry about exhaust and emissions with a solar generator; you can even operate it in your living room or kitchen counter!

8. Continuous power

A solar power generator takes power directly from the sun and converts it into usable energy for whatever purpose. The solar panel captures the light, regenerates it, and stores it in battery cells until used. Some of the generators can store a charge for up to a year and can run all your appliances. 

Most people require a solar generator for temporary backup of electricity source for power outages are generally transient. If you live in an area that’s always devastated by intense storms, a solar backup generator comes in handy. While some individuals opt for a gasoline generator, with such, you need a constant provision of gas. 

But, a solar power generator is rechargeable thanks to the energy from the sun. Such a machine recharges itself with the sun’s heat and can supply you with uninterrupted power. It even stores the power for rainy days or uses during power outages. As a result, it lessens the dependency on the traditional power grid.

9. Off the grid 

A home battery backup system operates on electricity. And you can charge it either from a rooftop solar kind of panel system. If you need to design a solar plus a vibrant storage system for off-grid backup power, you can recharge whenever the grid goes down. This way, you add an extra layer of security in instances where you might be bothered about having excess to fuel for a generator.

Therefore, a solar generator will support you to live off the grid. You can power your area whether it’s a tent, campsite or farmhouse and run the essential electrical devices in your home. So it’s ideal for individuals who love outdoor activities like trekking, camping, and back packaging or those who enjoy living entirely off the grid.

10. Low-maintenance

Since solar generators don’t run on fuel, they don’t require many moving parts that can break down. The maintenance cost of a solar power generator is not worth mentioning. Such a unit requires minimal care. There’s almost no maintenance needed apart from cleaning your solar panel regularly and refilling the batteries with distilled water.

11. Space used

There’s a misconception that a solar power generator takes up a considerable amount of space, and this is undoubtedly a wrong notion. Such a unit uses batteries, a solar panel, a power controller, and an inverter, so not much space is needed for your solar generator.

12. Ideal for disasters

A solar generator is ideal for disaster situations, whether human-made or natural. It uses no fuel which will likely be unavailable in case of a calamity since pumps for fuel stations won’t even operate!

Take away

There are various benefits associated with a solar power generator over fossil fuels. Also, the technology of solar power generation advances each day; solar power will most likely be cheaper and affordable in the future.

You can use a solar power generator backup for your battery and many other things. It can come in handy when power is knocked out during a power outage, long as you charge solar generator, you won’t need to worry about electricity. 

With a solar power generator as a backup unit driven by the sun’s energy, you will not feel so much stress in emergencies. Your lights will stay on in spite of the general blackout. More so, such machines are portable, reliable, friendly to the environment, easy to install and use and use less space. If you’re considering acquiring the best solar powered generator to back up your battery, look no further, the benefits are by far too many.

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