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Not only is solar power a sustainable source of energy, but you can reap the benefit of tax discounts as well. The U.S. Department of Energy recently launched a webpage that features the top tax rebates and credits for using sustainable products. This includes savings for solar pool heating, solar space heat, solar thermal electric, and photovoltaic sources. Here are our top picks of solar rebates in America:

Power Project Loan Fund: Alaska residents who utilize Solar Water Heat, Solar Space Heat, Solar Thermal Electric, and Photovoltaics can qualify for this rebate.

Arizona – Net Metering: Arizona residents, businesses, government agencies, and schools can qualify for a rebate when utilizing Solar Thermal Electric and Photovoltaics. This program is issued by the Arizona Corporation Commission.

Non-Residential Solar & Wind Tax Credit (Personal): Individuals can receive a tax credit in the state of Arizona when using renewable energy like Passive Solar Space Heat, Solar Water Heat, Solar Space Heat, Solar Thermal Electric, and Solar Thermal Process.

Property Tax Exclusion for Solar Energy Systems: The California State Board of Equalization provides a property tax exclusion for residential and commercial properties that use solar energy systems.

Renewable Energy and Energy-Efficient Technologies Grants Program: Commercial, Nonprofit, Schools, Local Government, and Utility departments in Florida whose energy source is Heat recovery, Solar Water Heat, Solar Space Heat, Solar Thermal Electric, Solar Thermal Process Heat, and Photovoltaics all can qualify for a grant from the Office of the Governor – Office of Energy and Climate Change.

Indiana – Net Metering: Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission offers a solar and renewable incentive for agriculture, commercial, industrial, residential, tribal, and government facilities.

Renewable Energy/Solar Sales Tax Exemption: Nevada offers a tax exemption program for commercial and residential properties who utilize solar or other renewable energy.

Solar Energy Sales Tax Exemption: The New Jersey Board of Transportation has three programs that offer exemptions, easements, or credits to businesses, schools, government institutions, and even residential properties who utilize solar energy.

Virtually every state offers a rebate, tax deduction, or incentive for using solar energy as your main source of power for your business, school, institution, or residence. Check out the U.S. Department of Energy’s website for more great solar incentives at Energy.gov.

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