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To understand why it’s time for everyone to “vote for energy,” check out the above video (source). Yes, that’s a parody – and a funny one at that – of a new ad campaign by our friends at the American Petroleum Institute. This articleexplains what’s going on:

The American Petroleum Institute – the lobbying arm of big oil and gas companies – yesterday announced its “Vote 4 Energy” campaign that will promote its policy agenda in key electoral states including Ohio, Pennsylvania and Virginia.  This campaign will more loudly promote the Big Oil agenda of more drilling, fewer safe guards, and retention of Big Oil tax breaks.

API’s members, including the five largest public oil companies which could earn record profits in 2011, will likely provide major funds this program. These funds come from profits that are due to record high oil prices, which led American families to pay the highest average annual gasoline price ever.


Adding insult to injury, American taxpayers provide $4 billion in annual tax breaks to Big Oil companies, half of which go the big five.

The bottom line: Americans are subsidizing big oil’s campaign that is designed to convince them to support policies that will ultimately increase oil company profits — at the public’s expense.

Outrageous, huh? So, how do those of us who prefer clean energy to dirty oil counter this propaganda campaign?  For starters, we can tell everyone we know what Big Oil’s up to, and that nobody shouldn’t be fooled by it for one minute.  In addition, we can help spread parody videos and websites around as widely as possible, as mockery can be a highly effective tool against the powerful and well-to-do.  Finally, we can vote for people in 2012 who support wind, solar, energy efficiency, geothermal, and other forms of clean energy, while voting against tools of the oil and coal industries.  In other words, the exact opposite of what API wants us to do.

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