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The Roen Financial Report would like to introduce an exciting new feature to its website. The home page now includes a dynamic chart that tracks the return of companies that make up the six vital alternative energy industries. Updated daily, the chart posts returns of alternative energy companies involved with Energy Efficiency, Environmental Services, Fuel Alternatives, Smart Grid, Solar and Wind. Editorial commentary on why industries are trending one way or another is also included with the chart. This valuable information can help investors see emerging trends in specific alternative energy sectors in order to make better investment decisions.

Industry returns are shown over several time periods – daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly. Figures for each of the industries are derived from compiling stock data for individual companies that fall under each specific industry category.

Clicking on one of the industries will bring you to a list of the individual companies that make up the return data. So for example, the returns of the Solar industry are averaged from stocks such as First Solar  (FSLR 37.68 ↓-6.85%) and Mas Tec (MTZ  (18.00 ↑2.56%)), companies that are key players in this category. Larger multinational corporations that have a hand in solar, such as General Electric (GE 19.29 ↓-0.52%) and Siemens (SI 99.26 ↑0.20%) are also included in the index, even though we recognize this is not the only industry these companies operate in. Companies are being added to each category so that all of the plus or minus 300 alternative energy companies will be included in the coming month.

Subscribers also get exclusive access to profile pages for each of the companies tracked. These individual profiles include crucial information for investors, including details on what area of alternative energy the company operates in, key financial data, and interactive charting. Most importantly, each company profile includes a Fair Value Meter, a proprietary measure of how we believe the company’s stock is priced in today’s market.

We hope you enjoy this significant new addition to our website.

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