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Nowadays, you will seldom see completely outdated commercial buildings occupied by tenants. Instead, commercial building owners consistently improve their properties. Some construct and expand their existing structures, while others focus on improving the building appearance in simpler ways, like applying a fresh coat of paint.

Some commercial buildings focus on using solar power energy because of the many benefits. Part of that process is determining which solar contractors you can trust. There are many suppliers in Florida, and it’s helpful to learn about these companies and what they can bring to the table. 

For that reason, we will review 25 wholesale solar contractors in Florida that can work to provide you with the necessary services. 

Accurate Battery Services Inc.

The first solar equipment supplier you can trust to get quality products is Accurate Battery Services Inc. They are a distributor of quality batteries for industrial forklifts, lift trucks, and pallet jacks. They also supply industrial motive power batteries and tubular bolt-on batteries. 

You can find them supplying their products to clients situated in Miami, Florida. Most of their products lean towards providing solar energy solutions like solar-powered batteries. They get their products from well-known manufacturing companies, including EnerSys Inc., Trojan Battery Company, Crown Battery Manufacturing, Exide Industries Limited, Hawker, and Midac S.p.a.

BrightSun Power Corporation

Another solar equipment wholesaler that cares for the environment deeply is BrightSun Power Corporation. They are one of the biggest solar equipment suppliers within Doral, Florida. You can find their primary office near Miami Beach, where they managed to do business with clients in supplying quality solar equipment. 

BrightSun Power Corporation gets its products from Kyocera Corporation, a solar panel manufacturer located in Fushimi-Ku, Kyoto. Another company they get their products from is Trina Solar Limited, a Chinese-owned solar equipment supplier situated in Trina PV Industrial Park, New District, Changzhou, Jiangsu.

DC Battery Specialists

If you want to look for another wholesaler for batteries, you can always choose DC Battery Specialists. You can find their office-based also in Miami, Florida, and their parent company is DC Marine Systems, Inc. The company has all sorts of solar-powered batteries from different companies, such as Rolls Battery Engineering, Trojan Battery Company, and Exide Technologies, to name a few. 

What makes them great is they provide free export battery packing and proximity to worldwide shipping. So, if you hold a project outside of the USA, you can count on DC Battery Specialists to send them over without a fuss. 

SEPCO Solar Electric Power Company

If you have a construction project on building public roads, walkways, etc., you need lights to illuminate the space. You can find many construction companies looking for solar-powered public lights because it cuts down CO2 emissions significantly. One solar equipment supplier that you can contact in Florida is SEPCO Solar Electric Power Company. 

They provide commercial LED lighting solutions for many clients, ensuring they get the perfect lights to save the environment little by little. They can also offer specific lighting sizes that will fit perfectly anywhere, any place. What makes them better is they educate you about solar lighting solutions and have engineering and installation assistance. But before they assist you with the installation, make sure you have roof hatches installed.

Kinequip, Inc.

At some point, your construction project might need more tools and equipment to finish the job. That’s why many Florida construction companies turn to Kinequip, Inc. because of the array of equipment that construction teams need. Although, what makes them unique is that they also sell foldable solar panels that anyone can use on the go. 

Their foldable solar panels come with USB and battery-powered features, ensuring clients have different charging options or use electrical energy. However, please make sure you get your foldable solar panels because they tend to run out of stocks quickly due to the high demand. 

Dmsolar LLC

If you have a project near Fort Lauderdale in Florida that involves solar equipment, you can always find Dmsolar LLC. They offer a wide range of photovoltaic products, ranging from integrated grid-tie solar power systems to solar modules. They are also a member of the US Green Building Council, which further solidifies their legitimacy. They mainly supply UL Listed solar panels that range from 12w to 300w with TUV, ETL, and CEC approval. 

e RV

Driving an RV to travel is one of the most exciting things to do, especially during the holidays when you spend more time with your friends and families. However, the fun can get ruined because your RV cannot provide sufficient electricity from time to time. Fortunately, solar panels can get the job done. 

If you own an RV, ensure that you use solar power as much as possible because it can save you tons of gas and money. Fortunately, e RV is the best distributor that supplies renewable energy products for RV’s, campers, and remote cabins and homes. Examples of products they provide to clients are wind generators, solar PV panels, specialized hardware, controllers, batteries, and other related accessories. 

East Coast Battery & Electric, Inc.

Another solar equipment supplier located in Fort Lauderdale is East Coast Battery & Electric, Inc. It’s a family-owned company operating since 1948, so it’s no surprise they accumulated many clients that need solar equipment. They mainly cater to clients with boats and vehicles, supplying all sorts of marine and automotive alternators, windlass motors, starters, and DC motors.

You can purchase their solar-powered batteries manufactured from OPTIMA Batteries based in Wisconsin. So whether you need new or rebuilt alternators and starters, East Coast Battery & Electric, Inc. can supply them for your boats and automobiles. 

Florida Solar Design Group

Florida Solar Design Group is a solar equipment distributor situated in Fort Myers, Florida. They provide services related to homes and swimming pools and solar pool heating and solar electricity experts to talk to when you want to learn more about their products and services. 

You can contact them whenever you need solar-powered inverters for your solar panels. They get their products from the German solar-manufacturing company called SMA Solar Technology AG and Enphase Energy, Inc., a company based in Petaluma, California. 


Gexpro is one of the largest companies within the United States, with multiple commercial buildings dedicated to supplying products to clients. However, you can visit their Florida branch located in Tampa, and they sell all sorts of solar equipment. One popular product they have is their solar panels from several manufacturers, such as Hanwa Q Cells GmBH from Germany, JA Solar Holdings Co., Ltd. from China, and ReneSola Ltd who is also from China. 

They also have solar-powered inverters, batteries, and mounting systems from well-known companies worldwide, including Outback Power from Arizona, Enphase Energy, Inc. from California, and Shenzhen Advanced Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. from China. You will have no problems acquiring quality solar equipment with Gexpro. 

Green Rhino Energy Solutions

Apopka, Florida, is the best place to start any construction project, especially when choosing to build restaurants and other food-related establishments. If you have a project there and need a solar equipment supplier, look no further because Green Rhino Energy Solutions can assist. They are well-known for supplying crystal batteries but also have other products like hybrid generators.

Pines Energy Solutions

You can locate Pines Energy Solutions in Pembroke Pines, Florida, and they have one of the most reliable solar power equipment you can ever have. They have 20 years of experience in the solar power industry, and they supply a variety of products to assist you with your solar power needs. 

Their most popular solar product is solar panels that also come in different wattages and sizes. The solar panels come from a manufacturing company in China called LONGi Solar Technology Co., Ltd. Besides solar panels, they also have solar-powered inverters from AIMS Power, Inc., situated in Drive Reno, Nevada. 

Solar-Stik, Inc.

Solar-Stik is a solar company that has offered its services worldwide with at least 10,000,000+ Wh distributed. Luckily, you can also get their products if you have a property in Saint Augustine, Florida. They have quality solar panel systems, power generation, power management, and energy storage equipment that uses solar power. 

SALT Service, Inc.

They consider themselves as a company that aims to provide renewable energy to all of their clients. As a result, they can supply solar products to clients based in Marathon, Florida. Examples of solar products they can provide to you include PV solar energy systems for sailboats, sportfish, and motor yachts. 

Solar Outdoor Lighting, Inc.

Also known as Sol Inc., you can get solar lighting products from them. They have solar lighting for many applications, such as pathways, parks, streets, roadways, and parking lots. They also have solar lighting for security and perimeter purposes. You can find their office based in Stuart, Florida. 

Some of their most well-known solar-powered street lighting products include Evergen Series M, UP Series, and iSSL Series. You have to get the best and most reliable solar outdoor lighting if you want to illuminate your area effectively. 

Royal Battery Distributors

Royal Battery Distributors is one of the oldest companies that provide high-quality batteries for all sorts of applications, such as cars, golf carts, marine vehicles, industrial, etc. They are a well-known distributor supplying batteries from manufacturers, including EnerSys, Inc. in Pennsylvania, Guangzhou Fullriver Battery New Technology Co., Ltd. in China, and US Battery Manufacturing Co. in California.

Solar Wholesale LLC

You can visit Solar Wholesale LLC in Orlando, Florida, where they distribute products ranging from solar panels to batteries. They are a famous wholesaler that sells solar panels manufactured from Sunpower, Corp. and Canadian Solar, Inc. You can also purchase batteries for different applications manufactured by Trojan Battery Company.

Sun Electronics Int.

Sun Electronics Int. is a distributor and wholesaler situated in Miami Lakes, Florida. You can purchase all sorts of solar products from them, such as solar panels, inverters, charge, and controllers. You can also buy batteries whenever you need them for industrial purposes.  

Suncoast Power Solutions

Tampa, Florida, has all sorts of solar projects happening, and some homeowners want to shift to using green, renewable energy. You can achieve it by installing solar panels, and you can get them by visiting Suncoast Power Solutions. They are a distributor that supplies solar panels and also batteries for multiple uses like cars. 

Synthesis Power Corp.

You can rely on Synthesis Power Corp. to supply you with high-quality solar products if you build your home or start a project around Miami, Florida. They are a distributor that provides solar panels, batteries, and inverters. 

Deltran Corp

They are mainly a battery company that supplies car batteries, battery chargers, and power inverters. However, they are also active in the solar industry, wherein they sell and install solar panels to residential and commercial clients. They even have car batteries that you can charge using solar energy with their product called the Battery Tender®.


OkSolar is one of the many solar companies that provide renewable energy solutions to clients worldwide. OkSolar builds reliable products that tailor to a client’s applications and withstands the geographic area. Examples of solar products they supply include emergency power, search and rescue operations, and traffic warning signals. 

Solar Illuminations

Located in Fort Myers, Florida, Solar Illuminations supply a wide range of solar lighting products to different clients. For example, if you have a billboard that needs lights, they can provide solar billboard lights to illuminate it during the night. They also have solar street and parking lot lights that you can install in parking lots and public roadways. 

And if you have pathways that lead from the sidewalk to your commercial building, make sure you get their solar bollard lights. Their bollard lights also come in different sizes and shapes, ensuring their clients have tons of options. 

Solar Development, Inc. 

Lastly, you have Solar Development, Inc. that caters to clients within the North Palm Beach, Florida area. They are famous for manufacturing high-quality solar equipment since 1974 and have the finest solar heating systems that clients around the US love using. They also have 25 collectors and systems rated at SRCC and FSEC, a famous energy research facility at the University of Central Florida. 

Out of the 25 wholesale solar equipment suppliers, which one will you go to when you need reliable solar products? Ensure you know which supplier you are doing business with because several solar equipment suppliers around Florida try to scam clients for their money. Hopefully, you can choose one solar equipment supplier out of the others to get what you need. 

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