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A list of the top flexible solar panel manufacturers in Europe is relevant due to recent innovations in solar tech. Today, homeowners, businesses and custom users have many options to pick from when it comes to solar panels. One of the most exciting innovations in recent times exists in the form of thin-film solar panels. Visually appealing and equally efficient, flexible solar panels and their manufacturers are set to take over the solar industry.

Thin-film solar panels have solar cells with light-absorbing layers that are far smaller than the ones in conventional silicon panels. As a result, they are the lightest PV cells that offer efficiency and durability. Typically, flexible solar panels are made from thin sheets of plastic, metal or glasses. This feature makes them highly flexible and lightweight. Depending on the needs, these solar panels can be moulded on to the surfaces where they are needed. Common applications include vehicles, boats, consumer products, homes etc. 

The manufacturers of thin-film solar panels have an edge over traditional panel options due to carbon offset. Standard panels contain more silicon. As a result, the amount of emissions that they produce is far more compared to flexible solar panels. 

It is easy to see that these solar panels are a great option for your homes, office and buildings. However, if you are thinking of buying a thin-film solar panel, do you know the best manufacturers to look out for?

Flexible Solar Cell Manufacturers in Europe: The Top 10

In this article, we will take a look at the top 10 thin-film solar panel manufacturers in Europe. In addition, we will explore the story behind these companies and why their flexible solar panels are one of the best in Europe.

The list of thin-film solar panel manufacturers in Europe is boundless. However, based on our discretion, we have picked the names on this list judging by the efficiency of the product, consistency and overall excellence.


>> Flisom | Reviews, product prices, contact, CEO

Flisom, one of the leading manufacturers of flexible solar panels in Europe was founded in 2005. This organization can be described as an official arm of the Laboratory of Solid State Physics which belongs to the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (ETH Zurich). Flisom is a company that works closely with the Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology to guarantee continuous improvements and cutting-edge innovations.

Thin-film solar panels manufactured by Flisom are highly rated for their flexibility, lightweight and performance. Typically, they are designed for integration onto a wide range of surfaces. Some of the top features of their flexible panel models include:

  • Guaranteed lifetime adhesion 
  • Doesn’t require additional mounting equipment
  • Aerodynamic designs that are great for windy areas 
  • Lightweight guarantees zero safety risk 


>> Solara | Reviews, product prices, contact, CEO

Solara is a reputable organization that has been in existence for over twenty years in Germany. Solara’s specialist expertise makes this brand one of the top 10 thin-film solar panel manufacturers in Europe. This brand is fully committed to making sure that everybody has a clean, reliable power supply. Their flexible solar panels offer high yields regardless of the season. This low-light performance feature means that they work great in diffused light, on land and on water.

Some of the features that stand their flexible solar panel products out include:

  • Extremely flat module construction 
  • Patent cell connectors with flexible mounting 
  • Durable sandwich support plate. This support plate is made from aluminum
  • Specially designed cable outlets that can be positioned for exhibition roof usage


>> Solbian | Reviews, product prices, contact, CEO

Italian founders Giovanni and Marco share a passion for renewable energy and sailing. Together, they designed flexible photovoltaic modules that have monocrystalline silicon solar cells in them. Since then, they have perfected their craft to become one of the top 10 thin-film solar panel manufacturers in Europe.

Their flexible solar panel products come in four series namely SP, SR, SX and SXX. Each series is made using the most efficient cells — crystalline silicon models. Additionally, they are designed to work well under substantial mechanical stress such as ocean racing. These flexible solar panels can withstand thermal shock, solar radiation, water, salt and fog. Made from a special, patented polymer tech, Solbian also offers custom designs based on your needs.


>> MetSolar | Reviews, product prices, contact, CEO

Birthed in Lithuania, MetSolar offers custom thin-film solar panels that are efficient solutions to electrical problems. This company works side by side with The Research Institute of Photovoltaics to deliver the latest tech and adapt to ever-changing needs.

Flexible solar panels from MetSolar have an excellent reputation due to their mobility and custom electrical applications. These panels weigh only 2kg/m2. Additionally, MetSolar can provide you with designs that start from 1.5mm in thickness.

Enecom Power

>> Enecom Power | Reviews, product prices, contact, CEO

Enecom Power is one of the top 10 manufacturers of thin-film solar panels for a reason. Their dedication to a sustainable economy has birthed several research projects. As a result, Enecom Power is able to provide its customers with constant innovation. 

Their flexible solar panel products are made with patented modules. These modules are designed to work for both leisure and industrial activities. Additionally, these panels can be reduced to half their sizes allowing for use in small spaces and high portability. Some of the vital technical features of one of their top flexible solar panel models include:

  • Peak power Pmax (Wp) – 20
  • Open-circuit voltage Voc (V) – 19,83
  • Current at Pmax, Imp (A) – 1,28
  • Number of cells – 32
  • Short-circuit current  LSC (A) – 1,38
  • Pmax. Vmp (V) tension – 16,48

Antec Solar 

>> Antec Solar | Reviews product prices, contact, CEO

Antec Solar, one of the top 10 thin-film solar panel manufacturers in Europe is notable for its extensive experience in the application of PV module tech. As a result, they have the unique ability to vary their flexible solar panel products based on your technical and design needs.

In the same vein, Antec Solar provides solar panels in various sizes. Some of their products are up to 3.4m in length and can be printed or coloured based on your preference. The distinguishing technical features of flexible solar panels from Antec Solar include:

  • Excellent performance even under high temperatures 
  • Performance ratings of about 8.4% to 11%
  • The modules are hundred percent energy-efficient 
  • Low-light tech allows it to work in cloudy sunlight 


>> Lensun | Reviews, product prices, contact, CEO

Lensun is a company that specializes in the production of outdoor solar chargers and flexible solar panels, among other things. Capable of immense technological innovation, Lensun certainly deserves a place on this list of top 10 manufacturers of thin-film solar panels in Europe. 

Its products have seen wide applications in camping, outdoor exploration, medical care, fishing and sailing. Withholdings in the US, Germany and Australia, Lensun is certainly primed to carve a bigger niche in the industry. Some of the key features of their flexible solar panel models include:

  • Very flow deterioration 
  • Age resistant design and construction
  • Includes and ETFE layer 
  • Completely resistant to seawater  and other elements of nature
  • An efficiency rating of 17%

Sun Works

>> Sun Works | Reviews, product prices, contact, CEO

SunWorks is a company that is fully focused on innovative products designed as solutions to customer needs. They design solar energy systems that incorporate elements of efficiency service, aesthetics and easy usage. This all-round eye for detail and consumer satisfaction is why they are on our list of the top 10 thin-film solar cell manufacturers in Europe.

Some of the stand-out features of their flexible solar panel offerings include:

  • A rugged ETFE abrasion-proof front lamination
  • An aluminum reinforced plate that offers added stability
  • Grade-A monocrystalline cells — the most efficient ones on the market.
  • Very light, less than 1.9 Kgs. This makes them perfect for motorhome roofs.

Wind and Sun

>> Wind and Sun | Reviews, product prices, contact, CEO

Wind and Sun is a top manufacturer of flexible solar panels with a reputation for hands-on expertise. More importantly, they are known to introduce advanced solar energy applications. In addition to constructing excellent thin-film solar panels, Wind and Sun also offers help with product selection, troubleshooting and installation.

Typically, their solar panels are made with the highest-efficiency Maxeon® solar cells. As a result, they offer increased charging capacity and power. Made of lightweight polymers, they come outfitted with both MC4 male and female connectors.

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In Summary

This is our unofficial list of the top 10 thin-film manufacturers in Europe. These brands have shown consistency in terms of product excellence and innovation. If you are in search of a company to buy flexible solar panels from, this list is a great place to start! Alternatively, you can look through our online store for the best solar panel options.

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