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The renewable energy industry is thriving as of right now. And it makes sense why. After all, our world has been relying on fossil fuels to provide us with energy, which isn’t the best idea since fossil fuels are non-renewable and environmentally damaging. So, naturally, people right now are looking for alternatives that will work as well as — or even better than — fossil fuels.

Luckily, we do have alternative energy sources at our disposal. In fact, we have a lot of them, particularly the sun (solar), the wind, and water (hydropower). And so, our world began to use these sources to provide energy, thus giving rise to the renewable energy industry. 

Since the renewable energy industry is prospering right now, companies in this industry are looking to hire more people to work for them. And so many people out there are also showing interest in working in this industry. But how does one get recruited to work in the renewable energy industry? And how do companies get to find the right people to recruit? Simple: you need staffing or recruitment agencies. 

To help you find recruitment agencies for renewable energies, here is a list of suggestions that you can start with. 



Founded in 1997, RSI (Roth-Sadar International, Inc.) started as a woman-owned business that provided a professional consulting company before evolving into executive search and recruiting. Meanwhile, the BEST Group Management Consultants began in 1995 and focused on industries like Information Technology, Engineering and Manufacturing, Finance/Accounting/Banking, Medical and Healthcare, and Education.

Together, RSI-BEST Group is a company that operates in two distinct business groups, namely Executive Search and Recruiting and Supply Chain and Logistics Consulting. To begin with, their Executive Search and Recruiting Group have helped businesses both large and small with finding top talent from all kinds of levels. This means they can acquire talent from executive leadership at the C-level to VPs, Directors, and Managers, and many more. This division focuses mainly on the fields of Information Technology, Engineering, Supply Chain and Logistics, Renewable Energy Technologies, Food Manufacturing, and Sales. 

The Supply Chain and Logistics Group, on the other hand, provide realistic logistics solutions for small and medium-sized businesses that encounter challenges with product distribution and increased global competition.

The RSI-BEST Group has the experience, resources, and comprehensive knowledge to help you in your business ventures. 

TRS Staffing Solutions


For over a decade now, TRS Staffing Solutions has supplied skilled engineers, technical and professional staff, and contractors to the power and renewable energy sectors. As a result, they have established a leading reputation in the renewable energy jobs market, and their experience and success in recruiting individuals and teams for major projects are unrivalled. Aside from that, TRS Staffing Solutions also has developed key strategic partnerships with important power and renewable energy organizations worldwide. 

The teams of renewable energy recruitment specialists work in vertical market sectors. Their particular strength is in the recruitment and retention of professional environment engineers, project services, and construction management staff at all levels. 



EnergeiaWorks is one of the leading energy executive search and staffing firms in North America. It was founded by William Liuzza back in 2010 in an effort to meet the growing demand for highly-specialized experts in the fast-growing cleantech and renewable energy markets. Since its conception, EnergeiaWorks has become a profitable, brand-recognized company that has helped over a hundred companies, from startups to big-time Fortune 500 ones. Because of this, Liuzza is often recognized as an industry expert on hiring trends within clean energy. 

Some of the companies that EnergeiaWorks has helped include hardware manufacturers, construction companies, engineering consulting firms, energy utilities, software developers, service providers, and government organizations. Additionally, EnergeiaWorks proudly sponsors a variety of renewable energy associations, such as the American Wind Energy Association, California Solar and Storage Association, and many more. 

Quanta Consultancy Services


Quanta Consultancy Services have been supplying skills to traditional and renewable energy sectors worldwide since 2002. Because of this, the Quanta Renewable Energy division was created in 2007. 

After moving to renewable energy, Quanta has become a recognized supplier of project personnel to offshore wind, hydro, and energy-from-waste projects. Aside from that, they operate in both the Offshore and Onshore sectors, and they have worked with clients from about 20 countries across six continents. 

Peak Demand


Peak Demand, formerly known as Management Recruiters of Sacramento, is part of the MRI Network, which is one of the world’s largest and most successful executive search firms. This company is focused on recruiting energy experts that specialize in renewable energy, energy efficiency, and energy storage. 

Just in the last three years, the candidates that Peak Demand has placed have delivered over 3 GW of an installed generation with their new companies. This number is equal to over $4.5 billion of clean, renewable energy installed. With the efforts of Peak Demand in recruiting energy specialists, the company has been recognized by Forbes as one of America’s Best Executive Recruiting Firms in 2019. 

Sequence Executive Search and Temporary Staffing


Sequence Executive Search and Temporary Staffing is one of the very few staffing firms that focus on the renewable energy industry, along with environmental, climate change, engineering, construction, and light industrial industries. They have more than 15 years of experience in recruiting renewable energy specialist jobs and other positions, thus giving them a professional edge. 

Sequence prides itself in their commitment to professionalism as well as their connections in the climate change industry. Aside from that, they also know how to solve staffing needs, and they will always be in contact with their clients throughout the recruitment process. And once you’re ready to make an employment offer, Sequence will also help you in that process — if you need it, that is. 

CSI Executive Search (solar-leaning)


Founded in 1997, CSI Executive Search is one of the leading AESC-certified executive searches and consulting firms in the U.S. The firm offers a tailored approach to search based on your specific needs, job qualifications, business objectives, and level of service you are looking for. They specialize in operational and technical placements, and they also work across a range of company sizes and industries, including renewable energy.

In its renewable energy division, CSI offers recruitment solutions in solar, wind, biomass, bio-fuel, fuel cell/energy storage, hydrogen, geothermal, and hydroelectric arenas. So, if you need a CEO, Solar Marketing Analyst, or other jobs in the renewable energy fields, the recruiters in CSI can definitely help you with that. 

Energy Resourcing


Energy Resourcing has experienced over a decade of growth and experience in the recruiting field. During the firm’s active timeline, they have established offices in a number of strategically important locations around the globe. 

One of its primary strengths is the Global Renewable Energy Recruitment Agency. In this division, the recruiters have extensive coverage and support of a number of major clients for the power and nuclear sectors. As such, they have recruited a wide variety of technically skilled engineers and managers as well as Project Directors, Discipline Managers and Engineers, Supervisors, Technicians, and Administrative Support. 

HCS Renewable (solar-leaning)


HCS Renewable is an executive search and staffing firm that focuses on the North American Solar Industry. This firm particularly emphasizes on general contractors, subcontractors, and facilities managers who are working on energy, commercial, industrial, residential, and institutional projects development. 

The solar energy staffing experts in HCS Renewable know their client’s demand for proven industrial experience, so they will undoubtedly help them in finding only the best people, the ones that match their specific needs. The recruiters’ experience and resources will ramp up the clients’ solar power construction field fairly in no time at all. 

Bradman Energy and Carbon Recruitment


Bradman Recruitment Group is a specialist consultancy that works within the international market in Energy, Renewable Energy, and Carbon. The firm is based in Sydney, Australia, but they do extend their recruiting services to companies in the Asia-Pacific region as well as the entire world. 

This recruiting firm makes use of sophisticated candidate identification techniques supported with targeted advertising to find the best candidates available in the market. Moreover, Bradman also has an extensive international network and database of renewable energy and carbon professionals. These connections they have are incredibly essential when it comes to satisfying their clients’ needs. 

Chris Turzo


For over 15 years now, Chris Turzo has represented some of the world’s top leaders across the cleantech industry. He has also helped build some of the most effective teams in the business. All these he and his partners have achieved by utilizing unique and intensive research and data-driven search method to find difficult-to-reach, high-calibre candidates. Because of the firm’s long proven track record, Chris Turzo, along with his partners, is considered as one of the most reliable recruiters for renewable energy companies out there. 

In addition to his recruiting skills, Chris Turzo is also an active seed investor in Silicon Valley start-ups as well as a member of several boards and a passionate team builder. 



AltGen is a recruitment agency, employment services provider and consulting firm located in the heart of Cape Town and operates in the renewable energy space. With an initial focus on the Renewable Energy Independent Power Producer Procurement Programme (REIPPPP) in South Africa in 2012, AltGen has grown rapidly, diversifying their client portfolio and providing unprecedented people-oriented solutions across the entire renewable energy value chain. AltGen has been successful in providing expert services to a majority of EPCM’s, developers, engineering consultancies and asset managers across the African continent. Operating across both anglophone and francophone African countries, AltGen is rapidly extending their services to the global community and in turn accelerating not only local, but international SDG’s.

The team is focused on delivering world class customer support which is reinforced through a depth of knowledge and market insight as well as strong relationships fostered with both clients and candidates. AltGen Recruitment employs well-educated individuals, with degrees in engineering, sustainability, law and other relevant fields, who take pride in establishing long-lasting client and candidate relationships. Their point of difference lies in their ability to predict changes in industry and marry market intelligence with a deep understanding of people and client needs – They focus on quality centric solutions. AltGen has found a home in effecting change through people!

Frogg Recruitment


There have been an industry shift from convectional power generation to a more environmentally, sustainable, and renewable power source in South Africa. This has brought forward a massive “Green drive” in Africa. The last few years we have seen large scale Solar plants across South Africa. Solar Power or PV are seen on roofs on buildings small and large. Large building sites and businesses are being converted to solar generation plants. 

Frogg Recruitment has a dedicated Renewable Energy division which serves our renewable energy clients. Solar has grown in the last few year with an initial focus on the Renewable Energy Independent Power Producer Procurement Programme (REIPPPP) since 2012. They assist in Solar Renewable Energies Recruitment, providing qualified and experienced staff. They have an experienced Renewable Energy Recruitment Specialist standing by to assist you.


The renewable energy industry has been rapidly rising in this day and age. And because of the upward climb of the industry’s success, more and more renewable energy companies are looking to hire more people. And likewise, more and more people have been showing interest in working in the industry. So, the only way to solve this problem of how to find for workers and work in the renewable energy industry is to consult an executive search and staffing firm.

From the name itself, an executive search and staffing firm is a company that helps you recruit the best people that fit your specific needs. In other words, instead of you scouring the nation or the world for the best people to add to your team, the recruiters in a staffing firm will be the one to do that for you. In a way, staffing firms help burden your load in your business ventures and still provide you with outstanding benefits. 

Since it’s already been established how beneficial staffing firms are, you’re probably wondering where you can find one. Listed above are some of the prominent staffing firms that focus on renewable energy. Obviously, there are a whole lot more out there, but you can start your search with the eleven mentioned. If you’ve found a firm that you like, then contact them. But if not, continue your search somewhere else. Find the staffing firm that you resonate with, and in no time, you’ll find that you’ve hired the best people in your team.

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