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Solar energy is one of the best forms of energy in this day and age. For one thing, it’s renewable and non-polluting, and for another, it contributes to job creation and sustainable development in communities. And it’s a form of energy that’s still continuing to grow. But with its constant growth, how would you as solar installers stay up-to-date on news related to solar energy? That’s simple: just follow a bunch of online publications that post news about solar energy regularly.

Don’t know where to start? Here are 10 of the best and the biggest solar power online publications.

Greentech Media

Now acquired by Wood Mackenzie, Greentech Media is a media company that is considered as one of the leading information services providers for the next-generation electricity system. It was founded in February 2007 by Scott Clavenna and Rick Thompson, and as of now, it has four offices in four cities: Boston, New York, San Francisco, and Munich.

This media company provides three kinds of content or service.

First is the GTM Research, which is the market analysis and advisory arm of Greentech Media. This segment aims to provide strategic and timely insight into the technologies, markets, and business models that are shaping the future of the electricity sector.

Secondly, GTM also produces market analysis, business-to-business news, and conferences that aim to inform and connect interested parties in the global clean energy market. Their coverage extends across the clean energy industry, with a particular focus on solar power and the evolution of the electric utility market.

And finally, Greentech Media joins forces with GTM Research to produce industry conferences throughout the year. These conferences will provide a deep market intelligence platform. And in addition to that, this is where the most important industry players convene, interact, and learn from one another.

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Solar Power World

Founded in 2011, Solar Power World is the leading online and print resource for news and information regarding solar installation, development, and technology. Their primary mission is to help solar PV contractors, installers, EPCs, and developers all over the United States grow their businesses and improve their job performances.

This solar website produces daily online news content, weekly e-newsletters, bimonthly print issues, regular webinars, podcasts, and videos. They’re also very active in social media. As a result, they have the largest engaged online audience of any solar industry magazine.


CleanTechnica is considered the #1 cleantech-focused website in the United States and in the whole world. They have been covering the cleantech industry way back in 2008 — before it was even popular to dedicate blogs to this topic. And even up to this day, they’re still providing news and commentary on anything related to cleantech industry — in the hopes of inspiring people and helping them to take cleantech action in their lives.

Their primary focus is solar power, clean transport, wind power, energy efficiency, and energy storage. But they also touch on other topics as well, such as geothermal, hydropower, nuclear power, climate change, and many others.

With CleanTechnica’s dedication, their work has been referenced by the New York Times, Washington Post, Slate, MSNBC, Think Progress, Reuters, Scientific American, and plenty other media outlets. All these recognitions just prove that CleanTechnica is a site to follow.

PV Magazine

PV magazine is a monthly trade publication launched for the international photovoltaics (PV) community in the summer of 2008. As of right now, this website has numerous sister websites, namely PV magazine Germany, PV magazine China, PV magazine Australia, PV magazine Mexico, PV magazine India, PV magazine Latin America, and of course, PV magazine USA.

PV magazine boasts an independent, technology-focused reporting, and they usually concentrate on covering the latest solar PV news, topical, technological trends, and worldwide market developments. Their target audience comprises of PV manufacturers and suppliers, international project developers, system integrators, distributors, and financial/political sectors.

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Solar Magazine

Solar Magazine covers an array of topics related to the solar energy industry. They share relevant news, developments, and insights in the hopes of promoting the development of solar energy industry and the popularization of the solar lifestyle. They are also known for holding an analytical stance towards solar industry-related developments and legislation regarding the solar markets of developing.

Solar Industry Mag

Solar Industry Mag provides industry participants with comprehensive and probing assessments of the technology, tools, and trends that are driving this energy sector. This e-magazine focuses on the business side of the solar industry and talks about the implementation of solar projects by several companies.

As of right now, the focus of Solar Industry Mag is on the adaptation of community solar in (semi) urban areas.


Founded under the name “Solar Verlag” back in 1996, PHOTON is one of the largest publishing companies in the field of solar power generation in the entire world. Their primary mission is to promote a sustainable energy supply with cheaper energy for all by providing complete and correct information. In other words, they try to accompany manufacturers, installers, and operators of solar power, as well as the current customers and politicians.

As of right now, PHOTON has over 11 offices on three continents, creating 8 monthly magazines published in 6 languages (German, English, Spanish, Italian, and French) and 5 daily newsletters. Additionally, they also organize worldwide conferences and trade shows and advise companies and politicians with their own consulting company. They test solar equipment in their own laboratory as well.

Solar Builder Mag

Solar Builder Mag began in 2011 as a dual flip-book styled magazine with Wind Builder. However, when the wind power industry lost government support in 2012, the team decided to put their efforts entirely on Solar Builder.

And since 2012, Solar Builder has increased its direct-request print subscriptions by 50%, has more than 6,100 opt-in subscribers to the bi-weekly e-newsletter, and has a steadily increasing website traffic. In other words, since 2012, Solar Builder has become one of the most trusted sources for the latest solar news across North America.

Solar Builder shows a keen interest in reporting about the advancements in solar panel installations, with a focus on solar trackers and storage solutions. They also report about state legislation and rule-setting for each relevant state in North America.

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Renewable Energy World

Started back in 1999 by a group of Renewable Energy professionals, Renewable Energy World provides readers with access to Renewable Energy-focused news, case studies, technology trends, markets, companies, and so much more. Aside from Renewable Energy-related news, they also provide information that will assist readers with decision making when it comes to anything related to Renewable Energy.

Renewable Energy World is a supporting publication of POWER-GEN International, DistribuTECH, and HydroVision International. They help in covering the global energy industry from generation to consumer and back again.

Understand Solar

Established in 2014, Understand Solar is a blog that, as the name suggests, aims to help readers understand solar energy a lot better. They believe that one of the greatest obstacles to the adoption of solar is the lack of awareness, and they aim to remedy that by providing all solar-related information and news.

And ever since the site’s founding in 2014, Understand Solar has already helped over 400,000 people so far. That number will still continue to rise as time goes by.


As solar installers, it is crucial for you to stay updated with regards to the solar industry. You should be the first to know about the latest news and groundbreaking developments in the solar industry so that you will have a better insight into the market.

The most practical thing you can do to stay updated is to follow numerous solar online publications like websites, e-magazines, and blogs. Bookmark their sites, follow them on social media, read their posts regularly. Do whatever you must to stay informed.

Luckily for you, since the solar industry is every-growing nowadays, there are a lot of online publications out there dedicated to it. The ones mentioned above are mere suggestions, websites you can start to follow. But don’t just stop there. Continue finding other trusted and reliable online publications. If you want your business to grow, then keeping up-to-date with recent solar-related news is a must.

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