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Solar energy is received from the sun’s radiation and it can be transformed into electricity or heat. It is effortlessly available and with acknowledgments to advancements in technology, we can now secure even more extra of the solar energy that is continuously open to us. Solar energy is frequently common on rooftops everywhere.

Today, around 2 million solar installations in the U.S. are producing electricity from the sun rather than from the local utility company. If you’re a solar installer, here are top 25 wholesale solar equipment suppliers in California. 

Solar Electric Supply, INC.

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Their complete grid-tied solar systems are ideal for the contractor aiming for a bid or the homeowner bypassing the exorbitant costs of a solar system installation company. With years of training and knowledge, they can design any complete solar system for residential or industrial applications. Solar Electric Supply, provides quality industrial solar modules for remote applications.

Unbound Solar 

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Previously “Wholesale Solar”, Unbound Solar’s purpose is to provide tailored solutions and lifelong assistance empowering people, communities and businesses to regulate the way they provide clean energy.

Founded in 1992 on the proposition that anyone can be self-sustainable anywhere they choose to live, Unbound Solar has strongly elongated its do-it-yourself (DIY), off-grid sources and is now identified as one of the best online solar solutions providers with a Do It Your Way strategy – whether living off the utility grid, equated to your local utility, or somewhere in between.


>> AEE Solar | Reviews, product prices, contact, CEO

AEE Solar was procured by Sunrun in 2014. More than 35 years later, AEE Solar proceeds to supply resellers, contractors, integrators and installers the field-tested, authentic products they need to design, establish and sustain renewable energy systems. AEE Solar moved its headquarters to Sacramento, California and inaugurated an 80,000 sq. ft. distribution market in 2012. AEE Solar was acquired by Sunrun in 2014. More than 35 years later, AEE Solar proceeds to supply resellers, contractors, integrators and installers the field-tested, reliable products they require to design, install and sustain renewable energy systems.


>> SOLARTECH POWER INC. | Reviews, product prices, contact, CEO

SOLARTECH POWER INC. gives high quality off-grid solar panels and is a foremost solar panel provider. With well-established division lines of notable solar panels, SOLARTECH POWER INC. allows solar panel solutions to installers, resellers, and contractors to carry out their work in off-grid solar power plans and commercial solar projects.

SOLARTECH POWER INC. is restrained to deliver total off-grid solar power solutions, excellent quality, and customer satisfaction.

Solartech Power is a high-tech enterprise revelled in designing, manufacturing and distributing high-efficiency solar panels for transforming solar energy into electricity.


>> Soligent | Reviews, product prices, contact, CEO

Soligent Distribution is the most comprehensive pure-play solar wholesaler in the Americas, providing thousands of solar installers and contractors with solar energy devices, engineering assistance and project financing descriptions. 

Soligent has been a scout in the solar industry since 1979 and continues to drive the solar market ahead with innovative solutions ranging from materials management to project financing.

Trina Solar

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As of Oct. 2020, Trina Solar has delivered more than 60 GW of solar modules worldwide, rated “Top 500 private enterprises in China”. Also, their downstream business includes solar PV project acquiring, financing, design, development, operations & management and one-stop system combination solutions for customers. Trina Solar has combined over 3GW of solar power plants to the grid worldwide. In 2018, Trina Solar first began the Energy IoT brand and is now striving to be the global head of smart energy.

DIY Solar Depot

>> DIY Solar Depot | Reviews, product prices, contact, CEO

DIY Solar Depot aims to render premium products at competitive prices, friendly support, design support, and a focus on client satisfaction. They are dedicated to managing the business in a simple, smooth, and efficient manner. At DIY Solar Depot, their main goal is to give you a “one-stop” buying resource. They can provide everything you need for your photovoltaic plan, anywhere in the United States, shipped within 3 business days.


>> Krannich Solar | Reviews, product prices, contact, CEO

Krannich Solar is a photovoltaic wholesaler that has stayed active in the photovoltaic market since 1995. The firm supplies PV installers and designs comprehensive photovoltaic systems. Its scope includes solar panels, inverters, mounting systems, power optimizers, storage systems and accessories. 

The Krannich Solar WebPortal grants you 24/7 access to their entire product range, including current prices, delivery time and complete technical documentation. Services like order tracking, preparation tools and free downloads complete their offer.

Gogreen Solar 

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GoGreenSolar’s expert solar veterans have been packaging solar kits since 2006. Their team is dedicated and enthusiastic about the solar industry. That’s why they are committed to assisting their customers through every step of the installation process. They won’t stop until you’re convinced and can turn on your solar system favourably successful rate!


>> Brite Solar | Reviews, product prices, contact, CEO

Brite Solar was endowed in 2009 to produce a new type of PV solar panel to match the needs of greenhouse applications. Greenhouses require an advanced percentage of ambient light to abandon the plants on the inside and as an outcome, any cladding used must be remarkably transparent. Also, the ideal cladding will not transform the spectral components of the light. The price of a greenhouse Solar Panel must also be knowledgeable enough to produce a positive ROI by accounting for purchased electricity. Brite Solar’s Solar Glass product has optimized full-colour clarity, power production and cost to meet the necessities of the industrial greenhouse application.

Tandem Solar Systems 

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At Tandem Solar Systems, they sell wholesale solar inverters and solar modules from the topmost solar producers in the industry. Their vital partnerships with multiple sup7pliers permit them to pass adjacent “best in class” pricing, accompanying special technical expertise and a more extensive in-stock catalogue for all your modules, inverters, and racking specifications.

Many of their clients count on them to be their solar acquirement experts for all of their solar installations, thus reducing the time demands from their side… letting the Engineers time to design and time to install. After establishing the customers’ preferred equipment, a simple email or phone call to one of our sales managers will get you all the necessitated equipment at the coveted location when you require it at the most favourable pricing with all other wholesale solar competition. They specialize in appropriation and logistics – and to make your life more comfortable.

GSE Solar Systems & Services

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 GSE Solar Systems & Services grant a host of specialty solar systems, parts & co-operations to provide the individual needs of Residential, Commercial, Non-Profit, & Government clients. Presenting good service means taking the time to listen. They will work with you every step of the process to make sure you get the services and outcomes you need.

Visit their site and hopefully, you will find the information you need on their site about their company and the products and services they render. They are always ready to welcome you to the GSE Solar Family.


>> CED Greentech | Reviews, product prices, contact, CEO

CED Greentech is the top-class solar supplies merchant of the nation. Their core benefits of service, reliability, and authenticity shape our society as they strive for reliable customer relationships. CED Greentech is a part of the Consolidated Electrical Distributors Inc. group, one of the most significant electrical wholesalers in North America. CED has a story of progress in distribution since 1957. CED Greentech has an expansive on-site catalogue highlighting products from the solar and electrical industry’s topmost manufacturers. Whether it’s a domestic or industrial project, they intend to provide their customers with the tools to produce, finance, trade, and install solar PV and energy accommodation solutions in a sufficient, cost-effective way.

As a full-service wholesale seller of solar, electrical and renewable energy products, CED Greentech is assigned to rendering superior service and assistance. They aim to be the most innovative solar seller giving equipment and technological services to meet the individual requirements of solar installers and developers.

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