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solar equipment suppliers in Arizona

There are many reasons to buy wholesale products as a professional in the solar industry. From discounted prices to unique equipment, you can browse the wholesale market to find various items for solar installation projects, whether they’re residential or commercial. It’s a smart choice for contractors everywhere.

Because solar panels can be a substantial investment, you want to find ways to lower the upfront expenses — especially when you also need to earn money from the installation. That’s why many professionals in the field choose wholesale solar equipment. These products typically sell at decreased prices because an intermediate company hasn’t marked them up. This difference in cost makes more financial sense.

Aside from decreased prices, you’ll have the freedom to choose between specialized products that aren’t available through other solar panel manufacturers. If your client wants a specific brand or model, you might only be able to find that option in the wholesale market. Furthermore, you may need to locate specific parts, not entire systems, which you need in bulk.

It’s a good idea to consider wholesale supplies whenever you need to purchase equipment for a new project. This way, you can increase savings while having better access to more diverse systems and parts. Keep reading to learn more about where to find the top solar suppliers located in Arizona.


How Does Wholesale Solar Work?

Those who purchase solar panel systems usually do so through an installer who picks the entire setup for them. Therefore, you need to have a way to access the best products for your clients. Whether they want an entire system or individual parts, you should be able to meet their needs. That’s where wholesale solar comes into play.

Through wholesale retailers, you can find endless products, from cables to batteries to converters and everything in between. These items usually sell at lower prices than complete systems because they don’t come with installation fees. Plus, they tend to be bought by the seller in bulk, which means they can offload the product at an inexpensive cost.

Essentially, wholesale solar works similarly to traditional solar system manufacturers, but you have more flexibility over what you choose. Furthermore, you’ll be able to save money, all while you gain better access to special items other retailers may not offer. It can take time and research to find options that work — but the benefits are evident in most cases.

Still, you should consider the possible downsides to ensure you supply your clients with the best service possible.

It’s still crucial to ensure the parts you select for your projects work properly. The wholesale market won’t meet every need, but there are compelling reasons to look here first.


Points to Consider Regarding Wholesale Solar

Keep in mind that wholesale solar panels won’t always be the best option.

There are times when manufacturers sell outdated products for low prices — and while you might be inclined to jump at such a deal, your solar panels may not have much life left in them, which will be detrimental for your business. Clearly, you don’t want to deceive your customers. It’s essential to check the equipment’s quality every time you choose wholesale.

These distributors sometimes also advertise solar panels in bulk, which can be too many panels for homes. If your services are always used for residential projects, you may prefer to select wholesale solar on a case-by-case basis. This way, you can better determine whether the client’s property needs that many panels.

Because expert installation requires necessary consultations and assessments to find the best solution for clients, you should aim to work directly with clients when you choose wholesale products. Rather than order the equipment in advance so you have them ready to use, you’ll only want to make a purchase when you come to an agreement with the customer.

Remember that many avenues exist to buy individual solar products. However, you should be careful when you browse. It’s usually better to avoid individual secondhand sellers because you can’t always be sure about the product’s condition. If you take the wholesale route, you’ll want to purchase from a certified distributor, which will have a relationship with the manufacturer.

Generally, you can benefit when you use wholesale solar equipment for your projects — but you also want to be sure that avenue makes sense for the situation.


When Wholesale Solar Makes Sense

As a solar installer, wholesale typically works in situations where you need special parts or large orders. If your client needs a unique piece to complete their setup, you should be able to find them from a wholesale supplier. Plus, wholesale often equates to bulk, which means you have access to products that are perfect for big projects.

For commercial property projects, you’ll save money when you source wholesale equipment — even when you need to use unique items that may be slightly more costly, as you can often access discounts. This same sentiment holds true for residences with multiple buildings, like farms. Not only will you cut costs, but you also won’t have to shop at more than one retailer, meaning you save time, too.

If you determine that wholesale solar equipment may be a smart choice for a client’s project, you should consider 13 top suppliers and installers in Arizona to suit your needs. It always helps to have options, so you may want to consider each one before selecting a retailer.

Either way, electricity in the U.S. costs more than $1,400 per year on average, so your customers can benefit from whatever system you purchase. Take a look at some of the wholesale suppliers available in Arizona.


1. CED Greentech Southwest

CED Greentech Southwest has been in business in Arizona for more than 55 years. The company offers a broad range of electrical equipment, specializing in solar PV equipment. Whether you need panels, racking, batteries, inverters, or smart monitoring tools, CED Greentech Southwest probably has it.

This supplier also serves all types and sizes of installers, from residential to utility-scale. All of this makes CED Greentech Southwest one of the most versatile suppliers in Arizona.


2. Southwest Solar Technology

Southwest Solar Technology is a smaller solar equipment supplier in Tempe, Arizona. Its offerings aren’t as broad as some other options on this list, but it makes up for it in quality. The company’s solar dishes and modules provide a unique solar solution for any industrial installation.

While some other wholesale solar suppliers sell parts and equipment from multiple manufacturers, Southwest Solar Technology produces their own. While this may limit their inventory, it also assures you that you’re getting a fair price and high quality.


3. Sun Pumps

Sun Pumps sells numerous water-centric products, from DC controllers to assembly plates to submersible pumps. If you need a solar-powered wholesale system for your pool, crops, or pond, you can browse their stock to see various options. This company sells through over 80 dealers, but they’re based in Safford, Arizona.


4. Ameresco Solar

This retailer supplies anything you could ever need to set up a solar panel system for a client. Whether you need individual components or complete setups, you can find them through Ameresco Solar. There’s a way to browse by application so you can choose the best items for your projects.


5. Kyocera Solar

For business solar power systems, you can reference Kyocera Solar. This brand is well-known throughout the solar community, and their solar sector happens to be in Arizona. Although you can’t shop their products on their website, you can contact them for a quote for individual customer projects.


6. SanTan Solar

If you’re on the hunt for specific parts for your solar project, SanTan Solar sells stand-alone products you can purchase directly from their website. It’s a smart place to look when you need specific parts to complete a client’s setup. Find them in Gilbert, Arizona.


7. Northern Arizona Wind & Sun

Northern Arizona Wind & Sun has a wide inventory of cables, mounts, panels, controllers, batteries, and more. This company may be the first place you want to check out for customer projects due to their selection’s size. There are even products specifically for RVs and boats that may fit your clients’ needs.


8. Solar Traffic Controls

One of the more specialized suppliers on this list, Solar Traffic Controls sells solar-powered flashing beacon systems. If you’re working on a project that needs warning systems or security lights, this is the place to look. Solar Traffic Controls’ primary market is departments of transportation, but their specialty products can fit a surprisingly wide range of applications.

Solar Traffic Controls has a broad, varied inventory of ready-made products and also offers custom solutions. If you have an unusual solar project on the table, this is an excellent place to start.


9. ECO Distributing

ECO Distributing carries a variety of products and brands to suit your solar needs. There are options for residential, commercial, and utility, so you can find the exact parts you require. Plus, you can access educational videos on their website about the products so you know exactly how they operate.

If your customer requires an off-grid system, you should also be able to find the specific products to complete that setup through Eco Distributing.


10. Solar Penny Solar Store

With a retail store in Mesa, Arizona, Solar Penny Solar Store sells everything from panels to breakers and everything in between. It’s yet another perfect distributor to consult for wholesale products. Keep in mind that you can have your orders shipped to your location, as well, which works perfectly for clients who live across the state.


11. Blue Pacific Solar

Blue Pacific Solar’s ready-made kits and wholesale products are perfect for projects where you need to construct an entire solar panel system. This variety makes the company a must when you have more than one solar system to configure, which can happen when your client has more than one building on their property.

There are also other products to explore, including mounts, chargers, and inverters, so you can use Blue Pacific Solar for almost any project imaginable.


12. Sunnova

Sunnova offers different solar panel plans you can pick for your project, whether you require panels or batteries. There are various choices to browse, so you aren’t limited to only a few options. Additionally, when your clients only need to install a battery, for example, you can use Sunnova to help them add that product to their home.

This business provides coverage across various states, so even when your project isn’t located in Arizona, you can refer to Sunnova for assistance.


Consider Wholesale Solar Equipment for Your Project

As you can see, Arizona has almost endless options for wholesale solar products that installers and contractors can utilize for their projects. Whether you need to help a client finish their system or install a full solar setup, you can explore wholesale solar options to see what’s available. It’s truly the best way to look at all the choices available to you.

Additionally, you can save money on what can be costly parts and systems. That’s crucial when the initial costs can be steep — and you need to make a profit from your services. Clearly, you don’t want to throw all your capital into the equipment to the point where you need to charge an arm and a leg to make the money back.

Don’t underestimate how diverse wholesale sellers can be, too. If you ever need a unique part for a client, you can usually find them through such retailers. The options are seemingly limitless — and wholesale retailers often switch out their stock, so you’ll have access to varied equipment at a moment’s notice.

Altogether, wholesale solar equipment can be a significant resource for professionals in the industry. These retailers offer inexpensive, unique products that can fit the bill for various customer projects, whether they need a setup for commercial or residential purposes. If you’re on the hunt for equipment, you can usually capitalize on everything wholesale has to offer.

Be sure to think about all the ups and downs involved with wholesale solar retailers so you know whether the option will suit your clients’ needs.


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