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Fueled by California’s sunshine and growing demand for clean energy, the solar industry is flourishing. But between the vision and the finished solar project lies a critical step: the expertise of Solar Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) companies. This article explores the achievements of California’s Top 10 Solar EPC companies, highlighting their essential role in driving the state’s transition to a sustainable and energy-efficient future.

1. SOLV Energy

Headquarters: San Diego, California 

SOLV Energy isn’t just delivering clean energy, they’re creating a ripple effect of positive change. Fueled by a strong legacy, they’re branching out into renewable energy initiatives, building and managing utility-scale solar farms, energy storage solutions, and high-voltage substation integrations. Their mission extends beyond simply flipping the switch; they’re committed to creating cleaner power, better jobs, and a brighter future for the communities they serve.

SOLV Energy’s story began in 2008 starting with commercial installations before quickly scaling up to utility-scale projects for maximum impact. Over the past decade, their footprint has expanded across the U.S. and internationally with over 12.5 GW of completed solar energy projects.

2. UVcell Solar

Office: Ontario, California

UVcell Solar is a leading global full-service commercial solar provider with extensive experience implementing large-scale solar projects across the US, including a 6MW solar procurement project in LA. The leadership team has combined experience of 30 years including solar equipment manufacturing, construction, and running their EPC firm. UVcell Solar guides customers through any phase of a project including financing, equipment, procurement, construction, and maintenance.

The company offers an innovative solar PPA solution for commercial property owners where they can get a fully funded solar system at zero cost to them as a PPA partner. They will enjoy savings on utility expenses in the first year and secure lower electricity rates for the long term. UVcell Solar will ensure that the solar system is installed correctly and on time.

3. Rosendin Electric

Headquartered: San Jose, California

For over 15 years, they’ve partnered with clients to deliver a staggering 32 GW of clean power. They engage clients early on, offering critical insights into constructability, system performance, and long-term service needs – all before the final design is set in stone. Their comprehensive approach encompasses everything from feasibility studies and energy analysis to procurement, construction, commissioning, and ongoing maintenance.

No matter the project size, from small-scale installations to massive utility projects, Rosendin offers the expertise and experience to deliver clean energy solutions that work. They provide utility-scale solar, distributed generation solar, and battery energy storage systems.

4. Coldwell Solar

Headquarters: Rocklin, California

Founded in 1986, they’ve cultivated a reputation for excellence across California, with offices strategically located in Rocklin, Tulare, Bakersfield, and Petaluma. Their team goes beyond the initial installation, providing ongoing service to ensure your system operates efficiently for years to come.

They cater to a diverse clientele, empowering businesses of all shapes and sizes to transition to clean energy. This includes farms, agribusinesses, utilities, architects, general contractors, commercial buildings, schools, and manufacturing and industrial facilities. Backed by the industry’s most rigorous certifications, Coldwell Solar consistently delivers long-lasting, high-performance solar installations.

5. CSI Electrical Contractors

Headquarters: Santa Fe Springs, California

With over 3 gigawatts of solar installations under their belt, their expertise spans the entire project lifecycle, from in-house design and engineering to seamless construction and ongoing maintenance. This comprehensive approach ensures top-notch quality, cost control, and predictable outcomes for every project, large or small.

CSI’s skilled workforce tackles every aspect of large-scale solar and battery storage (BESS) projects. And when it comes to substations and transmission work, they collaborate with trusted sister companies to deliver a truly integrated solution. But CSI goes beyond construction. Their team takes the time to understand your unique energy goals, financial considerations, and sustainability vision. This allows them to craft customized solutions that are both cost-effective and meet your specific needs.

6. Cenergy

Headquarters: Aliso Viejo, California

Powered by a passion for long-term contributions, Cenergy partners with local communities and businesses to develop and build impactful clean energy projects. They’re not just powering homes and businesses; they’re also pushing for greener energy practices across California and beyond.

Cenergy tackles solar projects with smart technology and strong dedication. Their base in Aliso Viejo isn’t just an office; it’s where they drive big changes in renewable energy. As Cenergy keeps moving forward, they show how focusing on quality can make green practices more mainstream in California’s energy scene.

7. Baker Electric

Headquarters: Escondido, California

Baker Electric is a family-owned legacy company with a commitment to excellence that spans over four generations. The company has delivered renewable energy services to organizations including those in commercial, education, hospitality, and gaming. General contractors, developers, and building owners consistently choose Baker Electric because of their expertise, business ethics, technology, and innovation.

Their expertise spans commercial and utility-scale solar and energy storage, ensuring technically advanced systems with streamlined operations and ongoing maintenance. With a rich history dating back over 80 years, Baker Electric leverages its innovative spirit and comprehensive approach to electrical construction to deliver high-quality renewable energy solutions.

8. QCells

Headquarters: Irvine, California

From design and financing to deployment and operation, they offer a comprehensive suite of solar and energy storage solutions that empower businesses and government organizations to manage energy costs and achieve their sustainability goals. Their cutting-edge Q.ANTUM Technology sets a new standard for efficiency and performance across the industry, maximizing your energy output.

QCells is committed to community and locally-produced products throughout the largest solar module factory in the Western Hemisphere. Their dedication to pushing the boundaries of innovation and sustainability positions them as a key influencer in shaping the future of solar energy.

9. Tenco Solar

Headquarters: Anaheim, California

Tenco Solar is a family-owned and operated business that has served California’s commercial energy needs for over three decades. In addition to their commitment to generating clean energy, they’re passionate about creating a better future for the environment. Equipped with cutting-edge solar technology, Tenco Solar offers a personalized approach, ensuring you find the perfect solar solution to meet your energy needs and environmental goals.

They offer a variety of solutions for a wide range of industries including multi-family housing, hospitality, distribution and manufacturing, and office buildings. The company offers service and maintenance services. Commercial customers can also heat their California pool using 100% solar energy.

10. Baja Construction

Headquarters: Martinez, California

With over 40 years of experience under their belt, Baja Construction isn’t just another carports company. Founded in 1981, they were pioneers in the field, becoming one of the first companies in the US to use solar panels as functional roofs for carports. Their foresight and innovative approach have led them to develop a trademark brand of solar support systems, recognized nationwide as a leader in solar racking technology.

Each carport is built using American steel, with options for pre-galvanized light-gauge high-tensile steel or structural steel depending on project needs. Leveraging their experience as a national leader in solar carports, Baja prioritizes maximizing shade coverage while simultaneously optimizing solar energy production. This unique approach is achieved through their in-house team of designers, engineers, and project managers.

Who Is the Best EPC Company in California?

Determining the “best solar EPC company” for your project in California requires careful consideration of various factors, including project type, experience, quality, and customer service. By conducting thorough research, evaluating your options, and considering your specific requirements, you can find the right EPC partner to bring your solar vision to life.

Consider the Type of Project

Different solar EPC companies may specialize in various types of projects, such as commercial or utility-scale installations. It’s important to consider the scope and scale of your project and choose an EPC company with experience and expertise in that particular area. For instance, if you’re a commercial property owner in California looking to install solar panels on your warehouse or manufacturing facility, you’ll want to partner with an EPC company that has a proven track record in commercial solar installations.

Evaluate Experience and Track Record

When evaluating solar EPC companies, consider their experience and track record in the industry. Look for companies with a history of successful projects similar to yours and positive reviews from satisfied customers. A reputable EPC company will have the expertise and resources to handle every aspect of your solar project efficiently, from design and engineering to procurement and construction.

Assess Quality of Workmanship and Materials

The quality of workmanship and materials used in your solar project can significantly impact its performance and longevity. Choose an EPC company that prioritizes quality and uses high-quality components and equipment such as Tier 1 solar modules from trusted manufacturers. Look for certifications and accreditations that demonstrate their commitment to excellence and adherence to industry standards.

Consider Customer Service and Support

Effective communication and ongoing support are essential elements of a successful solar project. Choose an EPC company that values customer service and provides personalized attention throughout the project lifecycle. From initial consultation to post-installation support and maintenance, ensure that the EPC company you choose is responsive, reliable, and dedicated to meeting your needs.

How to Finance Your Commercial Solar Project in California

Financing is a crucial aspect of any commercial solar project in California. With a variety of financing options available, including solar loans, leases, power purchase agreements (PPAs), and incentives such as tax credits and rebates, businesses have the opportunity to offset upfront costs and maximize long-term savings. Check out our comprehensive commercial solar financing guide for commercial property owners in California. 

Is There a Way to Get Free Solar Panels in California for Organizations?

Yes! Businesses, commercial property owners, and governments can get a fully funded solar system installed at zero upfront cost by becoming a solar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) partner with UVcell Solar. Project funders are looking for spaces to host their solar systems and can lease your property. As commercial electricity rates rise, you can lock in lower electricity rates as a PPA partner for 20 years. Organizations will get savings in the first year. 

To install the solar system, we work closely with regional EPC firms in your area and will oversee the project to ensure that the system is installed to a high standard and on time. We are strongly committed to operational integrity in coordination with local talent. 

Is Solar a Good Investment in California? 

For commercial property owners in California, investing in solar energy is not just a matter of environmental responsibility—it’s a strategic financial decision. With the state’s electricity rates among the highest in the nation and continuing to rise, the cost of traditional energy has become a significant burden for businesses. Recent increases in electricity rates have added thousands of dollars to annual utility bills across many sectors, impacting the bottom line of companies big and small.

Long-term Hedge Against Inflation

One of the most compelling reasons for California’s commercial property owners to invest in solar is its role as an effective hedge against inflation. Solar power systems provide a predictable and stable cost for electricity, protecting businesses from the volatility of traditional energy prices. By locking in low energy rates through a solar installation, businesses can avoid the financial unpredictability associated with rising utility costs.

Return on Investment (ROI) 

The return on investment for solar projects in California is particularly attractive due to high sunshine exposure, state-specific incentives, and available tax credits. For example, the federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC) allows businesses to deduct a significant percentage of their solar installation costs from their federal taxes, enhancing the financial returns of going solar. Additionally, California offers various local incentives that can further reduce upfront costs and improve ROI. Solar installations also tend to increase property values, making them a lucrative long-term investment.

As businesses consume a substantial amount of power, especially in manufacturing, warehousing, and large-scale operations, the switch to solar can result in dramatic reductions in energy expenses. By producing their own power, businesses can significantly reduce their dependence on the grid, leading to substantial savings, particularly when scaled across large operational footprints.

Sustainability and Brand Image

Beyond the financial benefits, investing in solar energy aligns with growing consumer and stakeholder expectations for businesses to operate sustainably. Companies that adopt green practices are often viewed more favorably by customers, potential employees, and investors. This positive brand association can translate into increased customer loyalty, enhanced employee morale, and attractiveness to environmentally conscious investors.

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