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If you’ve always had an interest in solar power and sustainability, a career in solar tech might be right for you. In addition to a solar panel technician, there are a slew of other positions that pay well and allow you to work in a field you’re passionate about. If you’re not sure where to start, here’s a few of the top jobs in the solar tech field you should consider.

Why You Should Consider a Career Solar Tech?

Before we jump into the career possibilities, let’s look into what this field has to offer. With so much focus on living greener, the solar tech field is growing by leaps and bounds. In fact, the need of PV installers could grow by 50 percent over the next 10 years, so there’s plenty of opportunity to work in a role you love. Additionally, deciding to go this route isn’t only about earning a big paycheck. It’s also allows you to do your part in saving the environment. Far too often, people enter a field hoping that they’ll get use it over time. Unfortunately, this is rarely this case and as time goes on, it might become harder to find a new job.

Education Requirements

Unlike other types of jobs, you do need to hold a degree to enter the field. While solar sales reps might be able to enter with a background in customer service, other roles require at least a BA. As with any type of tech career, higher education puts you above your competition. Even if you already have a degree, you might want to head back to school learn as much as you can prior to applying. If you’re unable to pay out of pocket, you can apply for private student loans. You can cover the cost of tuition, books, and even a new computer. This way, you can focus more on your studies and less on how you’re going to cover the cost. If you’re planning on changing careers completely, not worrying about the cost of attendance is a huge plus. Most personal student loan can be tailored to your specifications, so be sure to shop around prior to making a decision. Also, be aware that you’ll need to have reasonably good credit prior to applying.

Electronic Maintenance Technician

As an EMT (electronic maintenance technician), you’re responsible for maintaining PV software. You’ll use pneumatic and hydraulic technology as well as be responsible for the development and set up of these systems. You will have to be well-versed in certain aspects of working with electricity as well. The average annual salary is about for this role is just under $60,000.

Solar Fleet Manager

In this role, your primary responsibility is overseeing the solar equipment installations. You work with third-party vendors to facilitate the transport of the installation systems. You may also oversee remote operations of previously installed solar systems. On average, SFMs can earn approximately $61,000 per year and possibly more as they’re career progresses.

Engineering Technician

If you choose this role, you’ll be assisting mechanical and civil engineers is testing systems and the theories behind them. Although the specific job duties will vary, most ETs gain real-time experience to help them advance in their careers. Starting pay for engineering technicians is around $40,000.

PV Installer

A solar PV installation specialist can earn upward of $62,000 a year. As a PV installer, you are responsible for setting up and maintaining the equipment that connects energy systems to an electrical grid. You will also work on the construction side of things by creating the framework for these systems. Finally, you also be asked to perform routine inspections on previously built units to ensure they are up to code.

Site Assessor

Solar assessors spend a lot of time on the road. If you choose this path, you’ll be responsible for analyzing potential areas to install equipment. You must be knowledge in weather patterns in order to determine whether installation is feasible. In addition, you may need to write formal financial reports for clients and prospects. The annual income for this job typically starts at $72,000.

Sales Representative

A sales rep is an important of any team, and it’s no different in this job sector. As a solar sales rep, you’ll be responsible for determining clients’ equipment needs. Your day-to-day tasks may include creating proposals, quotes and presentations. Something like using customized CRM for solar sales reps would not be outside the scope of your position. You may also find yourself creating territorial strategies to find new leads.

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance specialists identify potential problems with pre-existing units. If you are hired for this position, you may analyze equipment that is currently in production or finished products getting to launch. If you find any issues, you’ll need to come up with viable solutions that solve the problem. QA specialists can expect to earn around $81,000 each year.

Software Engineer

With an annual salary of $110,000, it’s no wonder so many people want this job. Software engineers design tools and apps for PV systems. They can specialize in a variety of sub-niches, which include coding, testing or deployment. In addition, SEs sometimes create simulation models, which are used for testing prior to final install. Some software engineers also create training modules for their team members, so they can learn the inspection and installation processes.


In this field, lawyers are also referred to as environment lawyers. They usually represent solar companies in their legal matters. This can include proceedings that deal with federal or state regulations and regulatory compliance. Other duties can include contract review, project development and tax regulation. Lawyers who work in this industry typically earn around $96,000.

Material Scientist

A material scientist studies specific compounds, which include alloy, metal, glass, and rubber. They use they findings to assess these compounds react to react to heat and energy. They also use their expertise to create testing methods and subsequently research on how the environment affects these compounds. People who choose to work in this capacity can expect to earn approximately $95,000 a year. Keep in mind that the salary does depend on years in the working in the field.

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