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Solar projects cost estimation can be a daunting task to many new contractors, and that where the use of construction estimating software comes in handy. Construction estimating software comes in a different form and helps improve the work process and cost estimations on specific equipment such as solar products. CRM software has proven to be a tremendous technological advancement spearheading growth in different fields.

There are many developed solar CRMs out there, but it is best to use reliable ones and offer your business’s best solutions and functionality. Below is comprehensive information on the top 10 CRM customized software mainly for solar sales.

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Solar Graph

Solar Graph software is one of the best CRM software mainly developed for solar installers, developers, and even suppliers. The software is developed with the needs of the solar market in mind hence optimized to provide the best solutions. The platform has integrated solutions for easy project and team management.

Through this system, users can create precise roles and issue permissions to personnel who are part of the staff. Everyone in the team can have custom access to the vital details they need to work on, from sales to accounting. Giving your team members priority on sections of the accounts comes with many advantages such as increased sales or workflow and a general increase in productivity across areas within the company through the software.

Importing your leads within the app is perfect since it gives you a seamless project creation process. Account owners and other permitted access can view all the active projects. The projects can be ongoing, closed, new, or even developing ones within a single dashboard. Having everything under one view is a great way to keep updated on every project and avoid missing out on the vital aspects you need to achieve your solar sales goals and objectives.

The software provides custom professional design quotes for your solar sales. The proposals are visually appealing by using shading analysis from the Google Sunroof system. Within the sections, you can get your mounting type, panel angle, and roof pitch through the integrated AutoPitch algorithm.

The software also clarifies getting views of roofs of the projects you are planning to have solar panel installations. It allows you to upload your blueprints or get opinions from Bing Maps, Eagleview HD, and Google Maps, among others. The solar graf software is not short of solutions to any of your solar projects.

Solar Pipeline

The Solar Pipeline is a solar CRM developed to help any Solar Consultant accelerate their sales performance and scale their business. It’s built for New Solar Consultants looking to speed up their first sale and also for small companies to grow their solar business.

Solar Pipeline has access to a Lead Gen network that can start delivering fresh and exclusive leads on the same day. And if you are new to solar, you can have Solar Pipeline’s experienced coaches teach you how to close virtually and also have them close your first deal for you.

If you prefer working with old leads or just scrapped a list of contacts on the Internet, you can rapidly qualify the best leads using Solar Pipeline’s battle-tested Text, Email, and Voice Calls campaigns.

You can also have Solar Pipeline’s trained team of Appointment Setters Call your leads and set appointments for you. Solar Pipeline allows you to focus only on closing the deal.

Solar Pipeline can easily integrate with any platform like Gmail, Google Calendar, Zoom or your own Website and Social Media platforms.

You can use the Solar Pipeline’s built-in Calendar for door-knocking and seamlessly capture and store the lead’s contact and book a Solar Consultation with them. is a leading sales conversion platform specializing in solar and roofing ops using some of the most technologically advanced computing systems.

As a solar and roofing software, you get the best system to have direct access to any of your solar product proposals with the option to customize them and make any changes anytime and anywhere. The software seamlessly streamlines the entire process, and it optimizes deal closure and efficiency as well. The system’s platform optimizes everything that your solar sales representatives can achieve within 24 hours.

The software is dynamic and interactive for all users, with additional custom designs to fit your solar company’s branding. Document delivery in a few minutes and save them within the SOLO portal ensures you backup every vital information for use in the future. Installation and net-metering agreements are other crucial aspects that the platform provides to solar firms.

You have a full support team to cater to your needs for any issues. The software offers users permit packets fully completed to get your production and projects running faster. The platform has partnerships with accredited financial firms to give you an advantage in your payment and lending plans. Credit card functionality and credit checks, and payment calculation functionalities are some of the economic benefits you get with the software. There is so much more than offers within the same platform to have everything you need under one section.

Solar eCRM

If you are looking for convenience and reliability in your solar firm, then the Solar eCRM might be what you need. The software has diverse applications and functionalities that can get you ahead of your competitors as you upscale your business to the next level. As a leading CRM software, it is tailor-made to solar retailers to increase the processes involved for maximum profitability through increased sales.

Solar eCRM is fully mobile. Users can use it anywhere, no matter the change of geolocation, since it is compatible with many mobile devices in the market. With this feature, you don’t always have to go to the office to access your sales information and know each progress whenever you are away.

Solar eCRM also has automated administration that enables solar firms to save on operating costs by reducing effort and time in administrative processes. Some of the processes that have been made easier to handle through the software include tracking, quoting, documenting, scheduling, quoting, and STC claims form submissions.

The software also has integrated software for tracking margins. You can know the costs within the order stages while at the same time highlighting the profitability measures based on $ per /kw. This function keeps your solar business growing with much higher profitability levels than traditional systems.

Solar Logics

Solar Logics is a great CRM software for solar companies to streamline sales processes at every stage. The features are specific to essential functions to get firms to access their operations faster and get the solar services faster and cheaper into the market for maximum profitability.

Solar Logic has an inbuilt calculator for solar panel costs and size and other factors that affect sales of solar panels and other solar devices. Since solar installers have different ways to calculate, the calculator is a great tool providing a customizable section to feed any specific data from the installers. You can enter both your constructional, geographical and technical constraints to make estimates within the calculator.

Saving estimator and the solar proposal systems make the process way faster and more comfortable with all the vital numbers visible, and so making changes for higher sales is possible. Other specific features include reporting, parts management, phone integration, billing, rules engine, user and team management, calendar, task management, lead distribution, and e-signatures under one platform.

Solar Sales Tracker

With Solar Sales Tracker, automating your solar business has never been easier. Within your dashboard, you can run all the vital sections of your solar companies seamlessly, improving in every sector and increasing your sales twofold. Integration of specific elements and features to make solar sale processes more convenient is at the core of Solar Sales Tracker development. The integrated solar CRM features are great at shaving time and money from your firm’s overhead. There’s no longer any reason for re-entering customers’ information every time you need to send orders or get in touch. The process saves critical resources such as time and money while at the same time reducing human error and hence less reliance on staff to provide the highest production in every department in your business. The solar CRM is smart, friendly, and automation levels get you into your best services in selling and installations in your market.

The software also allows users to set robust appointments for any position, reschedule the appointments and make internal confirmations. Managing your workflow is also convenient with showcased milestones and processes to get to the next levels as fast as possible. Users can create any custom fields based on the firms’ operations and add any relevant information to your lead form through the software.

Solar Quotation System

The Solar Quotation System is a solar CRM quotation and sales software built for the solar business need for increased efficiency and profitability. The quote system is perfect for creating selections involved in developing and selling solar panels within different markets. Selections such as model, size, panels, roof type, and inverter, among others, are all integrated into the system to give developers a seamless process while making adjustments to increase sales and production.

The quotes are as smarts as it gets for solar sales digital quotes within the easy-to-use system. They are entirely developed to suit solar businesses. You can customize your selection to look precisely the way you prefer according to your business’s branding. This is possible through the freedom to add your logo, branding, payment terms, and also other optional extras you have.

The Solar Quotation System has Xero invoicing technology. The Xero accounting system is the right choice for easy invoicing to save on time spent and money throughout the system. The solar quote system is based in the cloud, making it easier to access and secure within the overall system. Within any web browser and even just from your mobile device, you are ready to perform all your quote operations within one dashboard.

The end-to-end management system is perfect for creating leads to quotes and orders to installation without complex additions to the data. With the e-signature feature, paperless systems are much better to speed up your sales process. Through the e-sign, you can get as many agreements as possible within a short time and quickly get lead conversions into jobs.


For growing solar companies, Spotio is one of the key CRM software considerations from other sales applications. Thousands of solar representatives have embraced using spotio to boost solar products and services’ productivity. Focusing on the best prospects for sales representatives goes a long way toward increasing sales. The software helps you target the homes that mainly fit the customer’s profile filtered by information such as credit capacity, phone numbers, homeowner age, eco-friendly consumers, and even rentals versus homeowners.

It is also a tremendous in-class canvassing software ensuring you never miss any vital information as you handoff leads to the sales representatives. It enables firms to set appointments instantly right within the field. You can smoothly pass notes from conversers to sales representatives anytime and anywhere. Automating time-consuming tasks is a great way to increase productivity, and the spotio system provides this essential functionality. Activities such as redundant messaging and logging don’t have to take so much time anymore.

The platform facilitates customer engagements increasing it twofold through the integrated communication channels. Even if sales representatives are no longer working for the solar firm, the activity and lead data history remain within the system, ensuring the vital information is preserved for future reference and use.

Aurora Solar

Aurora Solar is a One-stop solution for solar design and sales. Aurora has an irradiance engine that provides NREL-validated solar access values that are equivalent to traditional on-site shade measurement tools. Its commercial suite is the only all-in-one commercial solar design software that has design and financial analysis tools custom built for C&I projects. With Aurora, there’s no need for messy spreadsheets and powerpoints. This software takes all the information from your solar designs and simulations, then calculates financial returns for loans, leases, PPAs, and cash payments. Aurora has the first cell-string-level simulation engine available on the market which is very precise and accurate. You can also create detailed designs and automatically ensure NEC-compliance in Aurora’s integrated CAD interface. These features make Aurora Solar one of the most trusted software by solar industry leaders around the world.

Set Shape

Set shapes are designed to lower operational costs, streamline sales and give insights to more efficient solar products in any market. With more than 18,000 strong users, it offers more manageable and better sales tools than many others in the market today. It offers marketing automation, lead management, intake, follow-up, and appointment scheduling all under one dashboard. Set Shape has google maps integration, site survey technology, construction tracking, and even checklists for your projects to streamline the process. There are continuous functions optimized which you can enjoy all the way through.

WH Suits

The WH suits CRM software has many enhanced features to get you to your solar company’s next level. It features automated leads systems, team management, lead history maintenance. Increasing sales conversion is at the core of the software and works seamlessly with solar firms globally. It provides cost-efficient ways to meet all your demands, build customer relationships, and increase staff satisfaction while growing your business to the next level.

Conclusion: should you use a CRM software?

No matter your solar business level, using solar CRM software is currently the best choice you can make to scale upwards. All these software always have constant improvements and updates to keep you evolving with the solar and technology industry’s latest developments. The software allows firms to create configurable solar products and services to automate solar system pricing. You can make the transition today from your traditional systems and see significant improvements in your solar firms.

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