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Today researchers, artists and designers across the world are making the best possible efforts to make maximum use of solar energy. This will not only cut down the dependency on the depleting natural resources of the earth, but will also save the environment and make it a better place to sustain life. Gionata Gatto and Mike Thompson have introduced the ‘Trace’ series of outdoor lamps that are beautiful, self sufficient lighting units that create an ambient glow using energy from the sunlight.

This series of outdoor lamps once again brings to light the ‘Trap light’ theme, which the designers explored last year, but this time they have touched upon the concept with an entirely different material ,survey and design. Polyurethane rubber material has been used this time to design these ray shaped lamps with ambient light.

Hand crafted photo luminescent skins are developed in amalgamation with polyurethane rubbers in the lieu to convert waste energy back into light. In a darkened room, a ray of light is exposed from this gorgeous lamp, as the photo luminescent pigments use the absorbed sunlight and emit the recycled light to illuminate the place where it is hung. A charge of about thirty minutes gives intense light for the next several hours. The ‘trace S’ small lamps glow by a combination of electrical and solar power, while the large ‘trace M’ lamps glow entirely with the energy trapped from the sunlight. In addition to this, these lamps manage the photo luminescent pigments well as they have a large surface area.

Trapping the natural power of the sun’s ray, the Trace M series lamps avoid the use of electricity altogether, creating an intense ambient glow from recycled sunlight. These attractive lamps were displayed in an exhibition recently, where they were highly appreciated by all.

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