The Solar Winds Desert Power Plant from Michael Jantzen 0

The Solar Winds Desert Power Plant is a design proposal for a large public gathering place to be located in a public park, in a hot dry climate. The structure was created to function as an architectural art attraction that also collects energy from the wind and from the sun, and distributes the energy in the form of electricity into the local power grid. The solar energy is gathered from flexible solar cells that are mounted onto the twenty four curved leaves of the symbolic plant.

The wind energy is gathered from a large vertical axis wind turbine especially designed to symbolically refer to the flower of the plant. There is a large circular bench for visitors built in around the symbolic stem. The bench and much of the space under the symbolic leaves of the Solar Winds Desert Power Plant, are shaded throughout the day giving the visitors some relief from the hot desert sun.
The design of the Solar Winds Desert Power Plant like many of my other projects, gets its inspiration from nature, through a process of symbolically referring to the ways in which the natural world looks, and the ways in which it functions.

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