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With the go-green thoughts spreading like a wild fire throughout the world, a lot of innovative green ideas have come into existence the past few years. One such initiative is harvesting solar energy to produce electricity. Electricity generation contributes a lot to the already increasing carbon foot print. By this idea of harvesting solar energy, one can reduce its contribution to the carbon foot print in many folds.

The solar universal USB – DLM2263 is a cool device with smooth design and good performance. The 3 important features of this solar charger are

1. You can charge your gadgets – cell phones, laptops, and iPods on the go. Its wide range of compatible gadgets makes it an ideal companion in your journey. It has both a micro and mini USB cable included.

2. It has a portable power by which you can charge this device either with sunlight or using your laptop’s USB. If you are away from a power source, this feature comes handy.

3. This universal USB charger apart from its performance has a sleek design which makes it look stylish and soft to touch. The size comes as an advantage as it hardly occupies any space in your travel kit. Also features like its hidden power – indicator light are an added advantage as you can monitor the device’s progress.


Solar power for laptops

Solar power for laptopsBy this means you can choose to practically work anywhere!


This pretty charger’s looks don’t compromise in its durability. Its silicon exteriors aid in shock protection thereby making the gadget rugged. Apart from robust exteriors, the device has a wide range of specifications.

1. It has the latest USB 2.0 for compatibility. The USB cables included are the ones which support the iPhone & iPod (30- pin), the micro USB and the mini USB. The cables are long enough to suit your convenience. The 30- pin’s cable is 0.3 m in length while the mini & micro USB’s length.

2. The output power from this green gadget is 5VDC 500mA while the battery capacity is 1350 mAh.

3. The dimension of the solar energy USB charger is 12.7 x 17 x 5.1 cm and its gross weight is 325g. The size and weight makes it compact to be a part of our travel kit.


Charging the device

Charging the deviceIndoor light or direct sunlight can also charge the device effectively


The solar charger comes with a lot of advantages by its side. It is like a book which you can carry practically anywhere. You don’t need to go in search of power to charge your laptops and cell phones. All you need to do is open the device such that the light falls on the solar cells for the conversion of electric energy. With the solar charger in your hand, you can choose to work practically anywhere with your laptop as it can also charge using the laptop. The battery pack is very intelligently made to first provide power to the gadgets, so that we can remove the pack and still have full battery on your device. By this innovative idea, we can make an effective contribution to the concept of “Go green”.

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