The Solar Spiral Garden Pavilion from Michael Jantzen 0

The Spiral Garden Pavilion is designed to function as an interactive personal retreat space, made of sustainably  grown wood. Four large curved slotted panels can be moved around a center support frame into many different
configurations. The interior space can be completely opened, closed, and/or set at many variations in-between.
A large disc shaped solar cell panel is mounted on the top of the structure. This panel is used to solar electrically
charge batteries during the day. The electrical energy from the batteries is used to power a centrally located light,
as well as other small appliances, computers, i Pads, etc. The Spiral Garden Pavilion could also be used inside
of an existing building for use as a special meeting place.  This structure is just one is a series that respond to a
need today to occasionally retreat to a private personal space that is different from most of the places in which we
normally inhabit. My hope is that the Spiral Garden Pavilion will inspire those who encounter it, to think more
creatively in their daily lives.

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