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America’s economy has always been a leader and champion of new technologies. Today, as more and more Americans realize that their economic futures are tied with their persona, and environmental futures, solar energy is seeing an unprecedented boom in growth. As America’s energy economy increasingly relies on clean, renewable energy, solar poweris at the forefront of this expanding economic engine, even right here in Maryland.

It’s easy to find a well-paying career in solar energy, regardless of educational training. Below is a small sampling of well-paid positions in solar energy that only require a High School diploma or G.E.D. :


Pay( $, per hour)*

Solar Installer Helper


Systems Installer


Solar & PV Installer: Roofer


Solar Residential Electrician


Commerical Installer


Commerical Foreman


Systems Designer


If you have a Bachelors degree, Trade School Training, or Apprenticeship, you can find many other jobs within the solar energy industry:


Pay **

Commercial Installer Engineer

$31.50 hour

Thermoelectric Plant Manger

$74-88k per annum

Solar Cell Designer

$77-91k per annum

Solar Energy Engineer

$75-80k per annum

PV Power Systems Engineer

$76-88k per annum

Solar Energy Sales

$45-85k per annum

Solar Energy Physicists

$106k per annum (avg)

Solar Energy Chemists

$68k per annum (avg)

Solar Energy Software Developers

$96k per annum (avg)

The above information provides just a quick snapshot of many jobs and careers within the growing solar energy industry. Unlike the coal and oil industries that rely on machines to extract fuel, the solar energy industry relies on labor itself to research, design, and install solar systems. All of this labor is provided by the people in your communities. With more solar energy projects slated for production than traditional energy (oil, coal) and other new technologies (wind, hydro), there is tremendous opportunities for growth and employment in the future of clean, and natural solar energy.

Interested in learning about new positions in solar energy? Check here.
* – Environmental Defense Fund Green Job Report
** – Federal Bureau of Labor Statistics; Green Jobs: Solar Power

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