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The Solar Energy Industry Association (SEIA), along with GTM Research, today released the Q3 U.S. Solar Market Insight Report., and the record-breaking news keeps on growing. It is remarkable how in a world of so much financial and employment disappointment, the solar industry continues to prevail quarter after quarter, surging 44 percent from this time last year. And the news is predicted to only get better as Q4 historically has always been the strongest for PV installations.

Highlights: Solar prices continue to drop, financing options continue to expand, and job opportunities in the solar sector are abundant. Take a look at some key findings:

  • PV installations totaled 684 MW in Q3 2012, up 44% over Q3 2011
  • The residential market grew 12% over Q2 2012 and had its largest quarter in history
  • The non-residential market grew 24% over Q2 2012, thanks primarily to growth in California and Massachusetts
  • There is now a total of 5.9 GW of PV operating in the U.S. from over 271,000 installations
  • We expect record installations in Q4, leading to 70% annual installation growth in 2012 on 3.2 GW installed

The beauty is that the sky is the limit (pun intended!) as the options of creativity are everywhere. Homeowner, business owner, college student, job seeker…. what are you waiting for? Hop on the solar train – it’s a “hot” ride!”

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