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City streets are already choked with a lot of traffic and this makes commuting from one place to the other very stressful. Mu Cong, an industrial and automotive designer, has come up with an amazing concept, which has been conceived keeping the year 2046 in mind. Christened the Smart Ball, it is a futuristic vehicle that will bow down to all the demands of a city life.

Smart Ball is eye appealing and has a dynamic outline. The body structure is unique and has been shaped like a sphere. The wheels of the car blend beautifully with the transparent body of the futuristic vehicle. The see through body of Smart Ball will make sure that a driver gets a great view of what lies in front of him. The best part of the design is that it won’t consume of a lot of space in parking lots. It will easily squeeze in tight spaces and can be flexibly parked just anywhere. This will save a lot of precious space and will create room for more vehicles without any additional efforts.

The wheel structure of Smart Ball comes wedged with light, which moves with the turning angle of the tire. Such a placement of lights will result in better lighting and in turn ensure a safe ride when dusk sets in. The tire has a transparent outer wall that has been crafted using rubber. The brake lights have been embedded in the back of the seat, which is definitely very smart and gives the Smart Ball a stylish appeal. The inside is very spacious and comfortable, which will make rides fun. So, kill all worries that come tagged with parking in a tight spaces and move around in style.

Via: Michelin Challenge Design

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