The Rolling Solar Recliner from Michael Jantzen 0

This outdoor reclining chair has three different backrest positions. It also has an adjustable pull down privacy
screen, and a solar panel mounted on its top. The solar panel is used to generate electricity from the sun,
which can be used to power a computer, i pad, a fan, a radio etc. The Rolling Solar Recliner is mounted on
wheels so it can be easily moved.

The support frame would be made of sustainably grown wood or bamboo. The seat and backrest would be
made of eco-friendly fabric and rubber. The solar cells would be flexible photovoltaic panels that convert
sunlight into electricity for direct use. Some of this electricity could be stored in a small battery for use when
the sun is not available to power a night-light.

The purpose of the design is to explore ways in which to incorporate alternative energy gathering and storage
facilities into the built environment, in this case, into furniture. It is also an investigation into how furniture
can become a more complete environment within itself, and therefore merge with architecture.

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