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An increasing number of companies has been working to create portable solar products, which are ideal for people living in remote, off-grid areas. One of them is O’SUN, which has created a range of products under the Nomad banner.

The company now has joined the Practitioner Network, a global initiative to connect companies that are working to increse energy access around the world. These include SMEs, NGOs, social enterprises, universities etc. The initiative is an attempt to meet the UN’s 2030 goal of sustainable energyfor everyone, especially in the developing world, where lack of access hampers development.

The NOMAD lamp was designed by Alain Gilles, who told Belgian design website Gael that his objective with NOMAD was to create a lamp that could meet the lighting needs of a family living in Africa. He also wanted it to be attracted to westerners who could use it on a terrace, garage or garden shed.

NOMAD stands out for the sturdiness of its materials, its versatility (can be hung, hand-held, placed on a flat surface, etc), ease of use, besides being rainproof. It runs on two Lithium-On batteries and can shine for up to six hours in 100 percent mode, or up to 35 hours in 15 percent mode. It features 12 LED lights and a 5W solar panel. It weighs 690gr, or just 1.5 lbs.

More technical details can be obtained directly from the company. O’SUN is also looking for distributors.

Source: O’SUN

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